Computer generated holography and Optical imaging laboratory

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Research Areas
Research areas we are working on are

Group members:
The group comprises primarily PhD students, post graduate and under graduate project students and post docs

Research Funding
Our research work is funded by the following sponsored projects
  • Design and implementation of confocal microscopes with spatiallight modulator based beam scanning and programmable beam manipulation mechanism
    Sponsoring agency: DST (SERB), Amount: Rs 89.66 lakhs, Period: 2012-15
  • Design and implementation of a high speed wavefront sensor of light beams
    Sponsoring agency: DIT, Amount: Rs 67.21 lakhs, Period: 2011-15
  • Role of Rho GTPase RHOA (as co-PI)
    Sponsoring agency: DBT, Amount: Rs 39.26 lakhs, Period: 2012-15
  • Dynamic shaping of laser beams and design of high precision wavefront sensor with adjustable detector geometry
    Sponsoring agency: IITG, Amount: Rs 5 lakhs, Period: 2010-12