Mountain View

Courses Taught

1. ME 101 - Engineering Mechanics (Jan-2018, Jan-2019: Course Coordinator)

2. ME 111 - Engineering Drawing (July-2017, July-2018)

Engineering Drawing is a graphical language used for communication by an engineer to make innovative designs. Students should know rules of the engineering drawing if they wish to design machinery, modify existing mechanical drawing or sketch an invention on paper.

3. ME 212 - Solid Mechanics (July-2017, July-2018)

Solid Mechanics is the study of the deformation of structural materials under the action of forces. It is one of the fundamental applied engineering course to understand the everyday real life physical phenomenon.

4. ME 607 - Introduction to Composite Materials (Jan-2018)

The increase in the usage of composites implies that many people are getting involved with composite materials and finding a need of a sound introduction to the subject. This course is suitable for students in science or engineering who want to understand the mechanics of composites.