Mountain View

Research Scholars
S.No Name Research Topic Contact Details Status
1 Sai Kumar Damage mechanics of composites Ongoing
2 Pranjyoti Saikia Fracture mechanics of composites Ongoing

M.Tech Students
S.No Name Research Topic Contact Details
1. Sahil Narwal
Design and development of aortic heart valve
Supervisor: Prof. P.S. Robi, Co-Supervisor: Dr. Nelson Muthu
2. Vivek Vijay Aundhakar
Stochastic modeling of failure in composite materials
3. Supatra Shankhdhar
Two-phase Flow Through Porous Media using Element Free Galerkin Method
4. Nikhil Kumar Singh
Design and Development of a Modular Reciprocating Gait Orthosis for
Rehabilitation And Walking Aid for Paraplegic Patients
Supervisor: Dr. Nelson Muthu, Co-Supervisor: Prof. S. Kanagaraj
5. Aditya More Ramdas
Metamodelling of composite material failure
6. Amit Kumar Singh
Multiaxial fatigue analysis of composite materials
7. Vishnu Naik
EFG modelling of damage phenomenon in isotropic materials
8. Orepllai Ashok
Numerical modelling of crack in hyperelastic materials