Research Projects

Research Projects

After the completion of the Level 3, the research proposals will be invited from the participants. The participants will also be guided by the faculty members of the nanocenters in proposal writing if needed. The proposals will be reviewed promptly by a Project Management Committee (PMC).

The proposals are expected to have the following attributes,

(a) Potential to lead to a good research thesis and/or research publication.

(b) Potential to lead to an interesting/useful prototype.

(c) Feasibility of implementation.

(d) Potential for making a product.

(e) The technical capability of the supervisor in the host institution.

The mechanism of selection will tentatively be:

  1. Proposals are submitted online by PI;
  2. Proposal is reviewed online by a committee;
  3. Committee sends the review report within 2 weeks time period to coordinator;
  4. An online meeting is arranged for presentation and discussion;
  5. A review report will be sent to PI;
  6. PI submits his/her revised proposal if suggested by Committee;
  7. This revised proposal is again reviewed by Committee;
  8. The decision is communicated to the PI.

After approval, the researchers will be notified promptly. Work on the project will be scheduled by the PMC in such a way as to make the optimum use of the resources at centers. The progress in a project will be reviewed during each visit of the researcher and work for the next stages of the project decided accordingly.

Submission of Research Proposal

  • Format for project proposal for the year 2022 - 2023 | Download
    • Last Date for submission (8th-10th Dec 2022 Online Workshop) : 28th Jan 2023
    • Last Date for submission (21st-23rd Feb 2023 Online Workshop) : 21st Mar 2023  
    • Submit the proposal to
    • Name of the proposal file should be of the format “Project proposal_Name of the participant”