• The participants completing a specific number of hours of lectures and hands-on-training are to be certified by the institutes. Later, this is to be connected to the NSQF compliances.
  • The participants arriving at the level of short-term or medium-term projects are expected to come up with publications, patents, prototypes, and devices.
  • The participants at the advanced level can also establish start-ups with the facilities.

Sl.No Publication Details Year
1 Power Enhancement of Piezoelectric Energy Harvester using ZnOnf- PDMS Composite with PVDF Filler 2023
2 Piezo-resistive pressure sensor based on CVD-grown ZnO nanowires on Polyethylene Tetrathalate substrate 2023

Sl.No Prototype Details Image
1 Microfluidic lab on chip fabrication for detection of bio samples using surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS). N.A
2 Biocompatible silver-ZrO2-TiO2 nanocomposite coatings by using RF Magnetron Sputtering N.A
3 Fabrication of graphene/graphene oxide based micro-supercapacitors for flexible and on-chip energy storage N.A
4 Rare earth doped BaTiO3 bulk & thin film for electrical, opto- electronics, energy storage applications N.A
5 Targeting multicellular tumor spheroids with biogenic microbots N.A
6 Development of piezoelectric nanogenerator to harvest energy from cardiac motion to power a pacemaker N.A
7 Transparent electronic skin of ZnO nanowire N.A
8 New fabrication of biomimic amino acid chitosan nanocomposite hydrogels Mechanical, structural investigations and applications encompass scaffold biomaterial N.A
9 BaTiO3/?-Ga2O3 Thin Films as a Gas-Sensitive Material for Acetone Detection N.A
10 Graphitic carbon nitride based high performance OFET N.A
11 Microfluidic Device Link
12 Metal Oxide Semiconductor Capacitor (MOSCAP) Device Link
13 Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Device Link
14 Organic Field Effect Transistor (OFET) Device Link
15 Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) Device Link

Sl.No Conferences Details Year

Sl.No Petents Details Year