Dr. Manabendra Sarma

Department of Chemistry, IIT Guwahati


Research Interests

DNA Single Strand Break

Our research involve development of new theoretical approaches for Laser Assisted Control of Chemical Reactions, and, Resonances in Electron — Molecule Scattering. In both these areas, our objectives are to unravel the dynamical content of some prototypical systems in detail and gradually increase the level of complexity. In the case of Laser Assisted Control of Chemical Reactions, we have used systems like HOD and OZONE (18O16O16O) to find out the selectivity and yield when these molecules undergo uni-molecular dissociation. At present we are looking at the selectivity and yield in the photodynamic control of OZONE (18O16O16O) molecule. In the case of Resonances in Electron — Molecule Scattering, we have begun investigating the fine structure observed in vibrational excitation cross-sections of e—N2  scattering using a two dimensional potential energy surface involving both nuclear and electronic coordinates. We will also be looking at electron — molecule scattering in dissociative attachment to smaller molecules like N2 , F2, NO etc., and larger molecule like DNA, RNA or its fragments.