Dr. Manabendra Sarma

Department of Chemistry, IIT Guwahati

Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory of Dr. Manabendra Sarma

Dr. Manabendra Sarma

 Associate Professor
 Department of Chemistry,
 Room: #CHF 102,
 Indian Institute of Technology  Guwahati,
 Guwahati   -   781 039,   India
 Phone: +91 361 258 2318 (Office)
             +91 361 258 4990 (Lab)
 E-mail: msarma@iitg.ac.in

Our group works on diverse fields of Chemistry. The primary field that we work on is the development of new theoretical approaches for Laser Assisted Control of Chemical Reactions and Resonances in Electron-Molecule scattering. Along with this our group is also currently doing research in the field of Biomolecular Chemistry as well as in Catalysis.

In the Biomolecular Chemistry, we are focusing on designing some drugs related to Alzheimer’s Disease and the interaction of the drug molecules with receptors. Some ground level work on protein folding has also been started. In the field of Catalysis, we are trying to design some catalyst for spliting water molecules photo-catalytically and also investigating the mechanistic and kinetic aspects of the catalyst.


    • Ph.D. Positions are available. Students having CSIR/UGC/DST-INSPIRE qualification may directly contact with their CV.

    • Post Doctoral positions are available.

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    • Rabu's Manuscript has been published in the ACS Earth and Space Chemistry. Congratulations Rabu!

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