This Subject Includes

  • Course No: HS 245
  • Course: B.Tech
  • Semester: VII
  • Title: Race in the American and South African Novel
  • Stream: English
  • Preamble / Objectives (Optional): This course will introduce students to critical debates on the

    politics of race and racism. Beginning with a history of slavery in North America, we will analyze the

    conditions that made slavery the most significant factor to shape the history of America as a national

    economy divided by race and class. This will be followed by a comparative study of the history of

    race relations and racial segregation in North America and South Africa. The course will also focus

    on the fraught intersections of race, gender and sexuality.


    Course Content/ Syllabus (as a single paragraph if it is not containing more than one subject. Sub-topics/

    Sections may be separated by commas(,). Topics may be separated by Semi-Colons(;). Chapters may be separated by

    Full-Stop(.). While starting with broad heading, it may be indicated with Colon symbol before the topics. For

    example: Multi-variable Calculus: Limits of functions, Continuity, ……


    American slavery: history of slavery, slavery’s contribution to the American economy, slave

    rebellions; racism and racial politics in North America: the Jim Crow laws, the Civil Rights and Black

    Panther Movements; history of colonialism and race in South Africa, racial divisions and apartheid

    in South Africa; the fraught intersections of race, gender and sexuality; novels to be discussed: Zora

    Neale Hurston: Their Eyes were watching God; James Baldwin: Go tell it on the Mountain; J.M. Coetzee:

    Disgrace; Nadine Gordimer: Burger’s Daughter.







    Books (In case UG compulsory courses, please give it as “Text books” and “Reference books”.

    Otherwise give it as “References”.

    Texts: (Format: Authors, Book Title in Italics font, Volume/Series, Edition Number, Publisher, Year.)

    1. Z. N. Hurston, They Eyes were watching God. General Press. 2019.

    2. J. Baldwin, Go tell it on the Mountain. Penguin UK. 2001.

    3. J.M. Coetzee, Disgrace. Vintage. 2000

    4. N. Gordimer, Burger’s Daughter. Bloomsbury Publishing India Private Limited. 2000

    References: (Format: Authors, Book Title in Italics font, Volume/Series, Edition Number, Publisher,


    1. H. Zinn, A People’s History of the United States. Harper Perennial, 2016.

    2. M. Morris, Apartheid: The History of Apartheid: Race vs. Reason - South Africa from 1948 – 1994.

    Sunbird. 2012.

    3. J. Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room. Modern Library. 2001

    4. T. Morrison, The Song of Solomon. RHUK. 1998.

    5. C. Whitehead, The Underground Railroad. Fleet. 2017.