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Research on language and speech is an exciting area encompassing research in the fields of language technologies and human-computer interfaces in a way which can be employed to various ends ranging from language learning of intelligent systems to the learning capabilities of humans. To fulfill these ends we would like to start a modern academic research lab which is focused on the way speech is produced and comprehended. The lab will be involved with experimental investigations of speech processes and their acquisition. Topics include: articulatory movements, measurements of pressures and airflows in speech production, computer-aided waveform analysis and spectral analysis of speech, perception and discrimination of speechlike sounds, speech prosody, models for speech recognition, speech disorders, and language acquisition.
This laboratory will also play an important role in recording and archiving the languages of the North-East. Apart from that, the facilities in this laboratory will also promote advanced research on languages of the region.

What we do

The Phonetics and Phonology Lab at IIT Guwahati is devoted to research in the speech and language sciences. It consists of Shakuntala Mahanta and Priyankoo Sarmah as group leaders.

Even though the research conducted in this lab is broadly concerned with all aspects of phonetics and phonology, the group members have been particularly active on working on the languages of North East India. As a result of their efforts and also as a result of the project Digital Preservation, Analysis and Technology Development of the Languages of North-east the North East India Linguistic Database is being developed.