This Subject Includes

  • Course No: HS 724
  • Course: Master of Liberal Arts
  • Semester: I
  • Title: History in Indian Vernaculars
  • Stream: History
  • Description:

    Indian tradition of Itihash Purana; the Islamic historical traditions in India; pre-colonial regional historical thinking; European critic of Indian historical scholarship; vernacular historical tradition in colonial India: hybrid history; Indian historical fictions; history as profession: Jadunath Sarkar, Surya Kumar Bhuyan; vernacular sources and their limits; Indian Archives.

  • Text:

    S. Subrahmanyam et all ed, Textures of Time: Writing History in South India 1600-1800, Permanent Black, 2002.^$^P. Chatterjee, History in Vernacular, Permanent Black, 2007.

  • Course References:

    R. Thapar, Cultural Pasts: Essays in Early Indian History, OUP, 2001.^$^P. Hardy, Historians of Medieval India: Studies in Indo-Muslim Historical Writing, OUP, 1997.^$^M. Gottlob, Historical Thinking in South Asia, OUP, 2006.^$^C.H. Phillips, Historians of India, Pakistan and Ceylon, OUP, 1961.