LAB Equipments

ZEISS Cirrus HD-OCT 4000

The ZEISS Cirrus HD-OCT 4000 (Cirrus HD-OCT or Cirrus) enable examination of the posterior and anterior of the eye at an extremely fine spatial scale, without surgical biopsy or even any contact with the eye. The Cirrus HD-OCT builds on and refines the retinal imaging technology first introduced with the ZEISS Stratus OCT™. HD-OCT stands for "high-definition optical coherence tomography."


The MP150 system is a flexible, proven modular data acquisition system for life science research and is in use in top laboratories around the world. The MP150 offers multiple configurations to suit individual research and teaching needs and records multiple channels with different sampling rates at the same time. The MP150 device is the core hardware device which is complemented with add-on devices for GSR (Galvanic Skin Response), ECG (Electrocardiogram), EMG (Electromyogram) and Respiration data streams.


VISUCAM® 500 features legendary ZEISS optics and non-mydriatic color fundus photography enabling you to photograph through pupils as small as 3.3mm. Superior patient comfort, more efficient workflow and improved eye care: The advantages of the comprehensive fundus platform VISUCAM 5001 from ZEISS are obvious. The high-quality system provides everything you need for detailed diagnoses of typical eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and AMD in a single workstation.

Advanced features such as fundus autofluorescence, easy stereo image handling and innovative assessment of macular pigment optical denstity (MPOD) are combined with intelligent auto functions that enable reproducible and intuitive imaging for every single patient eye.

CNAP Monitor 500

The new CNAP Monitor 500 ‘HD’ is a non-invasive and beat-to-beat system which records blood pressure, hemodynamic (CO, SV etc.) and fluid status (PPV/SVV) with the same accuracy as invasive systems. The CNAP Monitor solution is trending rapidly thanks to its reliability, cost-effectiveness and fast set-up requiring minimal training effort.

Volk Pictor Plus - Handheld Fundus Camera

The Pictor Plus portable ophthalmic camera is a lightweight non-mydriatic camera.It is offered with three possible imaging modules:

Retinal Module
Enables non-mydriatic fundus examination with a 40º field of view. With digital still and video images, the appearance of optic disc, macula and retinal vasculature can be screened and documented for ocular lesions and anomalies.
Anterior Module
Provides high resolution digital image data of the surface of the eye and areas directly surrounding the eye. The cobalt blue LED light allows fluorescent imaging to detect a dry eye or any cuts or rashes on the surface of the eye.
Fluorescein Angiography (FA) Module
Used to help detect retinal or choroidal vascular diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, AMD, vascular occlusions and hypertensive retinopathy.

BIOPAC MP160 Data Acquisition System

The BIOPAC MP160 system is a flexible, proven modular data acquisition & analysis system for life science research. This 16-channel system includes AcqKnowledge software with specialized analysis capabilities. Applicable to over 40 research fields, new modules are available for electrogastrogram, micro-electrode recording, noninvasive blood pressure measurement & electrical bioimpedence (cardiac output), and others. To facilitate the discovery process and help ensure reproducible, publishable data, powerful automated analysis routines are available for ECG, HRV, EEG, EMG, EGG, and many more.


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