Department of Design advocates high quality design research and scholarly activities, in which, its competent laboratories play a major role. Members of the department are making use of these facilities and contributing to the community through projects and publications every year

CAD/CAM/CAE Lab (Product Engineering lab)

Modeling and Simulation Lab

Workshop facilities
An industrial design group is always incomplete without a well-equipped workshop. Department workshop consists of advanced prototyping machines like rapid prototyping tool, blow moulding machine, metal and prototyping equipments such as wood, bamboo, plastic, metal etc. which are actively made use of by students and staff.
Lab in-charge (faculty) Avinash Shinde

Print and Multimedia Studio

Ergonomics (Human factors Lab)
Ergonomics lab majorly contributes in Design ergonomics, Human Factors in man-machine systems, visual and cognitive ergonomics et cetera. A large number of PhDs, Masters and Bachelor students have actively participated in its research projects over the years. Laboratory facilities include mobile eye-tracking devices, electrooculography, critical icker fusion testers et cetera.
Lab in-charge (faculty): Debkumar Chakrabarti and Sougata Karmakar

Usability Engineering and HCI Lab
Major research areas include usability engineering, e-learning technologies, Information systems etc. This lab has produced over 100 bachelor thesis projects so far. This lab uses advanced technologies such as eye-tracking devices, observatories, biometric softwares et cetera.
Lab in-charge (faculty): Pradeep Yammiyavar

media Lab
Multimedia and visual communication are integral streams of deptartment of Design. Equipped with professional softwares like Final Cut Pro and advanced videography studios, New Media lab has witnessed many marvellous projects in the field of animation, multimedia and digital art.
Lab in-charge (faculty):Dr. Mriganka Madhukalya

Photography and Video studio

Ekalpa Lab
An active contributor to design research community, E-kalpa lab is currently devoted to facilitate online design education to zealous Indian students. This laboratory is composed of wide range of facilities, from photography-videography studios to web-designing studios, clearly substantiating an eclectic approach to design education.
Lab in-charge (faculty): Ravi Mokashi Punekar

Embedded Interaction Lab
Embedded Interaction Lab (EILab) specializes in gesture and tangible user interfaces, with research focus on design for development. Research at EILab has been published in reputed international conferences, journals, national news papers and appreciated with numerous awards. EILab has collaborated with various industries and research labs such as Nokia Research Center, Microsoft Research, IBM Research, Samsung Research and many more.
Website: www.embeddedinteractions.com
Lab in-charge (faculty): Keyur Sorathia

Animation Research Lab
Laboratory of Visual Ethnographers, Animation Research Lab (ARLab), is a research & practice based model in which one can figure out the possibilities of using animation with its artistic endless potential and possibilities. This model emphasizes on the ethnographic approaches of cultural construction and interpretation, biographies of objects, participatory approaches etc. of tribes and inguinal communities. Besides research-based ethnographies, we investigate the artistic possibility of animation techniques to measure user performance & acceptance in variety of research domain like edutainment, heritage construction, animatronics, gamification, healthcare and architecture
Lab in-charge (faculty): Charu Monga

Sustainability and Social Innovation Lab (SSI)
SSI Lab aims to foray in the domain of Design for Sustainability with research and development focused on creating sustainable consumption and production patterns. Currently the lab is focusing on R&D of scale-appropriate agricultural tools and equipment with an eye on the three pillars of sustainability- social, economic, environmental.
Lab in-charge (faculty): Sharmistha Baneerje, Pankaj Upadhyay

Visual Communication Studio (VC Studio)
VC Studio aims to be a centre for excellence in the field of visual communication design in Northeast region. It was started with the following objectives:

  • Nurture innovation and creativity in the field of visual communication. • Create design awareness and enhance visual sensitivity towards visual culture in the Northeast.
  • Develop a state of the art facility to support design and research in visual communication related fields.
  • Cultivate visual research culture among students.
  • Train and develop visual and visualization skills for better communication.
Lab in-charge (faculty): Prasad Bokil, D. Udaya Kumar
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