B.Tech Students

1. G. Rajesh

Project: Screening of Fmoc-amino acids for amyloid fibril disassembly/inhibition of amyloid formation.

2. Arun Kaniyamattam

Project: Role of fatty-acylation in membrane-targeting of peptides.

3. Suraj Kumar

Project: Exploring the Antifungal Activity of Anoplin.

4. K. Dheersameer

Project: Exploring the role of aromatic interactions in an amyloidogenic fragment from islet amyloid polypeptide.
Current position: Software Developer at Amadeus Lab

5. Shakshi Ginodiya

Project: Understanding the role of aromatic interactions in amyloid formation.
Current position: MBA at Indian Institute of management Ahmadabad

6. Ritu Mishra

Project: Computational Biology