M.Tech Students

Present M.Tech Students


Chaganti Sri Satya Sai Veera Krishna Arun

Project: Small molecule inhibitors of the SARS-Cov-2 spike protein.

B.Tech in Biotechnology from Andhra University College of Engineering.


Subhamoy Patra

Project: Designing inhibitors of neural cell adhesion molecule NCAM.

B.Pharma from Institute of Pharmacy, West Bengal.



1. Rajesh Kumar

Project: Exploring the membrane binding and potential antimicrobial activity of an amphipathic peptide derived from E. coli MreB protein.
former PhD student at Universitat Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany.

2. Anupriya Mehra (Supervisor: Dr. Vishal Trivedi)

Project: Study the Cytoadherence of Uninfected RBCs to Endothelial Cells During  Malaria like Conditions.
Current working as an early stage researcher at neuroinflammation (

3. Richa Arya

Project: Investigations into the role of amphiphilicity and aromatic interactions in Aβ16-22 self-assembly.

Currently working in Biocon, Bangalore.

4. Sushant Kumar (Supervisor: Dr. Vishal Trivedi)

Project: Testing the potentials of pathogenic endothelium in development of cerebral malaria.
Currently a PhD Student at IIT Bombay.

5. Shagun Srivastava

Project: Overexpression, Purification, and Characterization of Huntingtin Exon 1 Domain.
Currently a PhD student at National University of Singapore.

6. Ankur Mishra (Supervisor: Dr. Vishal Trivedi)

Project: Identification, Purification and Characterization of hemin detoxifying factor(s) from macrophages.
Former PhD Student at IIT Guwahati.

7. Anirban Jana

Project: Exploring the role of cation-pi interaction in peptide self-assembly.
Currently a PhD Student at IIT Delhi.

8. Shubhra Sachan (With Dr. Sachin Kumar)

Project: Investigations into binding of Newcastle Disease Virus with host cells

Currently a Project Student at IOCB Prague, Czech Academy of Science.

9. Pranav Preman

Project: Aggregation studies of intrinsically disordered amyloidogenic peptides.

Currently a PhD Student at KU Leuven, Belgium.

10. Alok Chaudhary

Project: Antimicrobial peptides.

11. Saumya Srivastava

Project: Structural and functional characterization of urumin, a frog host-defense peptide.

12. Ms. Nethi Jyothirmai

Project: Investigations into the membrane-binding properties of B. subtilis LCI protein.

13. Mr. Naveen Kumar

Project: Designing chemical strategies to control IAPP assembly.

14. Kruthi M.

Project: Exploring hydrogelation propensity of short amyloidogenic peptides.

15. Saptarshi Roy Chodhury

Project: Screening of potential SARS-CoV-2 spike protein-binding peptides derived from the human ACE2 receptor.