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International Conference on Recent Trends in Developments of Thermo-fluids and Renewable Energy (TFRE-2020) 28th-30th September 2020

This conference intends to have deliberations on Thermo-fluids and Renewable Energy, also focusing on the applications of heat and work to engineering problems, fluid behaviour under the influence of thermal/ pressure gradients and energy systems. The conference also intends to discuss the role of engineers in the field of medical healthcare such as effect of blood flow on external heating during radiation therapy etc. The exhaustive work being done by various achievers in the field of thermo-fluids and Energy systems is intended to draw established as well as young researchers, providing them an exposure to the recent developments in thermo-fluids and Renewable Energy. The theoretical topics together with real time examples from various thermo-fluids’ problems and generation and storage of Renewable Energy are planned for presentations and discussions. Speakers from premier institutions in India and abroad with a vast knowledge and experience in the field of thermo-fluids and Renewable Energy, who have been quite active in the field for a long time, will be delivering the keynote address and invited talks. The conference thus provides a platform for mutual dissemination of ideas on thermo-fluids and Renewable Energy between researchers and industrialist.

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