Postdoc and Research Scholars

Postdoctoral Student Year
Kanan Wahengbam
Research Associate I under DST Project: Design a framework to resist image-based adversarial attacks on deep learning models
December 2021 -
Current Research Scholars Year
Anirban Lekharu Jointly with Dr. Moumita Patra, Dept. of CSE IITG
Area of research: Adaptive Video Streaming using Machine Learning Approaches
December 2018 -
Avinash Kumar Chouhan (Part Time: ISRO Scientist)
Satellite Imaging using Deep Learning
December 2018 -
Sandipan Sarma
Area of research: Zero Shot Learning
July 2019 -
Ashok Bandopadhyay (Part Time: ISRO Scientist)
Area of research: Satellite Imaging
July 2020 -
Akshyay Daydar Jointly with Prof. S. Kanagaraj, Dep. of ME, IITG
Area of research: Hman Gait Analysis
July 2020 -
Alik Pramanik Jointly with Dr. Vijaya V Sardhi, Dept. of CSE IITG
Area of research: Underwater Vision
December 2020 -
Sonal Kumar Jointly with Dr. Rashmi D Baruah, Dept. of CSE IITG
Area of research: Underwater Vision
December 2021 -
Udit Sharma Jointly with Prof. S. K. Dwivedy Dep. of ME, IITG
Area of research: Robotic Vision (under CICPS, IIT Guwahati)
December 2021 -

Graduated Research Scholars Year of Graduation
Prasen Kumar Sharma
Thesis Title: Deep Learning-Based Techniques for Image and Video Restoration
Current Affiliation: Research Scientist at TensorTour Inc.
Brijesh SinghJointly with Dr. Pinaki Mitra, Dept. of CSE IITG
Thesis Title: Spatial-Domain Image Steganalysis using Deep Learning Techniques
Current Affiliation: Technical Lead | R&D Functions & Algorithm Development Engineer at ZF Technology Centere India
Sathisha B
Thesis Title: Memorability Prediction using Deep Learning Techniques
Current Affiliation: Post-Doctoral fellow, University of Surrey, UK
Satish KumarJointly with Dr. Arnab Sarkar, IIT Kharagpur
Thesis Title: Resource Allocation Strategies for Multimedia Services in Cellular Networks
Current Affiliation: Research fellow, 5G Innovation Centre | University of Surrey, UK
Sibaji GajJointly with Prof. P K Bora, EEE, IITG
Thesis Title: Watermarking Schemes for High Definition Videos
Current Affiliation: Postdoctoral Fellow, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA
Shuvendu Rana TCS Fellow
Thesis Title: Watermarking of 3D Images and Video
Current Affiliation: Assistant Professor, SRM University, AP
Nilkanta Sahu
Thesis Title: Robust Watermarking for Scalable Video Sequence
Current Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Guwahati, Assam
Tanima Dutta TCS Fellow
Thesis Title: Robust Compressed Domain Video Watermarking for H.264/AVC
Current Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi (BHU)

Current B. Tech and M. Tech. Students:

B. Tech. Students

M Tech. Students

  • Pranav Gupta (2021-) Samsung Fellow Topic: Collaborative Caching
  • Avik Samanta (2021-): Topic: Faderated Caching
  • Aman Kumar Singh (2021-): Topic: Zero Shot Object Detection
  • Bhaskar Sharma (2021-): Topic: Underwater Image Super-resolution
  • Tejas Khairnar (2021-): Topic: Underwater Object Detection
  • Sushil Kumar (2021-): Topic: Zero Shot Semantic Segmantation
  • Doddavula Likhith Kumar Reddy (2021-): Samsung Fellow Topic: Mobile Edge Computing using Deep Learning
  • Tanuj Sharma (Data Science Masters, Jointly with Prof. P K Bora) (2021-): Topic: Resisting Adversarial Perturbation using GAN
  • Harsh Motwani (2021- ): Topic: Satellite Image Superresolution
  • B Venkatesh (2021- ): Topic: KOA detection using MRI and Gait Analysis
  • Pulkit Changoiwala (2021-): Samsung Fellow Topic: Pose Estimation for Visual SLAM
  • Manoj Paidimarri (2021-): Samsung Fellow Topic: Adversarial Perturbation using deep steganography
  • Bhasker Goel (2021-): Samsung Fellow Topic: ZSL for action recognition
  • Tanvish (2021- ): Topic: Underwater Image Segmentation
  • Divyam Singal (BTP Minor) (2021-): Topic: Robotic Vision

Graduated B. Tech and M. Tech. Students:

  • 2021
B. Tech. Students

M Tech. Students

  • Keerti Harpavat (2021): Topic: Zero shot learning.
  • Ira Bisht (2021): Topic: Underwater Image Restoration
  • Aryan Agrawal (2021): Samsung Fellow Topic: Change Detection for Aerial Images
  • Sanil Upadhyay (2021): Topic: Restoration of Aireal Images
  • Udbhav Chugh (2021): Samsung Fellow Topic: Video Deblurring
  • Ashish Kumar (2021): Topic: Sattelite Imaging
  • Annanya Pratap Singh Chauhan (2020): Topic: Network Caching in Edge Computing
  • Rohit Kumar Jain (Data Science Masters, Jointly with Dr. Palash Ghosh) (2021): Topic: Detection and Rehabilitation for Osteoarthritis (Best MTech Data Science Thesis Award, IITG)
  • Himanshu Shekar (Data Science Masters, Jointly with Prof. P.K. Bora) (2021): Topic: Adversarial Perturbation
  • Jyotish Saikia (Data Science Masters, Jointly with Prof. Rohit Sinha) (2021): Topic: Audio Visual Speaker verification
  • 2020
B. Tech. Students


M Tech. Students


  • Sujoy Ghosh (2020): Topic: Single Image Bokeh Generator.
  • Dharankar Dhananjay Anil (2020): Frame Interpolation using Deep Learning.
  • Mitansh Jain (2020): Topic: Content-Aware Caching at Mobile Edge Computing.
  • Monika Khandelwal (2020): Topic: Video Super Resolution using Deep Learning
  • Mukul Verma (2020): Topic: Image Steganography and Steganalysis.
  • Nitesh Jindal (2020): SAR Image analysis.
  • 2019
B. Tech. Students


M Tech. Students


  • Ritveeka Vashistha (2019) : Topic: Video Super Resolution using Deep Learning
  • Ashish Rajoriya (2019): Area: Video Super Resolution using Deep Learning
  • Shashank Huddedar (2019) : Topic: Steganalysis using CNN
  • Pankaj Kaushik(2019): Image Memorability
  • Priyankar Jain (2019): Topic: Image De-raining
  • Khushboo Tak (2019 ): Image De-hazing 
  • K Yatheendra Mouli (2019): Topic: Adaptive Video Streaming
  • Rupal Saxena (2019): Steganalysis using CNN
  • 2018
B. Tech. Students


M Tech. Students


  • Abhishek Yadav (2018): Topic: Computer Vision using Deep Learning
  • Smriti Bahuguna (2019): Area: Single Image Super Resolution using Deep Learning
  • Ritvik Rawat (2018): Topic: Steganalysis using CNN
  • Shruti Ganapathy Subramanian (2018): 3D Depth Estimation from Single Image using Deep Learning
  • Manish Dash (2018): Topic: Learning of Image Priors for Restoration Algorithms
  • Anirban Lekharu (2018)(Part Time): Energy Efficient QoE Driven Dynamic Adaptive Streaming using SVC over Cellular Networks
  • Paritosh Mittal (2018): Topic: Generative Adversarial Network
  • 2017
B. Tech. Students


M Tech. Students


  • Mohit Chhajed (2017) : Blind Spatial Domain Steganalysis using Convolution Network
  • Prakriti Marwaha (2017): Single Image Super Resolution using Residual Learning
  • Nikhil Agarwal (2017): Image emotion classification using deep learning
  • Sanjay Mujalda (2017): Single Image Super Resolution using Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Kanhaiya Rathi (2017) : Image Memorability using deep learning
  • Jainam Shah (2017): Depth Estimation of Single Image Using Deep Learning
  • 2016
B. Tech. Students


M Tech. Students


  • Dheeraj Khatri (2016): 3D Video Summarization
  • Yogeswari Kokane (2016): 3D Video Saliency Detection using Convolution Neural Network
  • Aman Jain (2016): 3D Video Hashing With Automatic Synchronization
  • Lt. Cdr. Sabur Ahmed (2016): Salient Object Detection for 3D Video Sequence
  • Anand Keshri (2016):Motion Blur Estimation Using Convolution Neural Network
  • Vasireddy Gopichand (2016): Palm Rehabilitation With Supervised Learning
  • 2015
B. Tech. Students


M Tech. Students


  • Rohit Kamra (2015):Motion Vector Based Video Steganography
  • Anoop Rathore (2015): Video Watermarking resisting Camcorder Copy Attack
  • Viswadeep Mattu (2015): 3D Image Watermarking
  • Paras Vishnoi (Jointly with Dr. Arnab Sarkar) (2015): QoE Aware Downlink Scheduling of Adaptive Videos in LTE
  • Arun Bhati (2015): Sift Based RST Invariant Robust Video Watermarking
  • 2014
B. Tech. Students


M Tech. Students


  • Priyatham Bollimpalli (2014): SIFT Based Robust Watermarking resistant to Scaling Attacks

  • Pankaj Sachan (2014): A Robust Intra Mode Based Watermarking Scheme for H.265/HEVC Video Stream

  • Aditya Kanetkar (2014): Watermarking of H.265(HEVC) Video in Compressed Domain
  • Santhosh S (Jointly with Dr. Arnab Sarkar) (2014): Low Overhead QoS Aware Opportunistic Downlink Scheduling for Multimedia Services in 4G Wireless Networks
  • Anuj Gupta (2014): Event Classification in Compressed Videos
  • Vivek Tiwari (2014): Robust Watermarking of H.264/SVC - Encoded Video resisting Temporal Adaptation
  • Adutipal Singh Jassal (2014)(Jointly with Dr. Arnab Sarkar): Mobility Models in LTE-Sim
  • Nayanmani Sharma (Part Time) (2014): Event Detection in Soccer Video using Gesture Recognition
  • Shashi Kant Kunal (2014): Implementation of Image Processing Algorithms using MATLAB
  • 2013
B. Tech. Students


M Tech. Students


  • Swathi Karri (2013): Steganographic algorithm based on Randomization of DCT Kernel
  • Shuvendu Rana (2013): Scalable Watermarking for H.264/SVC Video Sequence
  • Ayush Syal (2013): Scalable Watermarking using SIFT
  • Ashish Singh Patel (2013): Object based Watermarking of H.264/AVC video in compressed domain
  • Rishi Raj Borah (2013): Medical Image Watermarking

  • 2012
B. Tech. Students


M Tech. Students


  • Boorla Chandrakanth (2012): Steganographic Embedding based on Parametric Transform

  • Sathisha B (2012): Robust H.264/AVC Watermarking in P-Frames without Distortion Drift

  • Sista Venkata Madhava Krishna (2012): Steganalysis of Motion Vector Based Video Steganography

  • Lalit Kumar Vashishtha (2012): Feature Selection/Extraction For LSB Matching Steganalysis

  • Lavudya Sridhar Naik (2012): Feature extraction and feature selection of LSB matching steganalysis
  • 2011
B. Tech. Students


M Tech. Students


  • Rahul Chaki (2011): Reversible Data Hiding in Images

  • Samir Biswas (2011): Shot Based Blind Watermarking on H.264/AVC

  • Sagar Agrawal (2011): Watermarking in H.264/AVC Video

  • Ankush Rai (2011): Specification Based Distributed IDS for Attacks on Spanning Tree Protocol

  • Pragya Choudhary (2011): Robust Video Watermarking Using Saliency Based Visual Attention Model For MPEG-1 Video

  • Binod Deka (Part Time) (2011): Possible Countermeasure to the Steganalysis of YASS

  • 2010
B. Tech. Students


M Tech. Students


  • Gourav Roy (2010): LAN TV

  • Anand S Nair (Jointly with Prof. S Nandi) (2010): Packet Length Based Network Steganography and its Detection

  • Omprakash Meena (2010): Block Location Based Data Hiding In Still Images and In MPEG-I videos

  • V. Satish Kumar (Jointly with Prof. S Nandi) (2010): Secure Network Steganographic Scheme Exploiting TCP Sequence Numbers

  • Udit Singh (2010): Reversible Data Hiding

  • Srinadh Babu N (2010): Reversible Data Hiding In Integer Wavelet Domain