Title: Internet of Things (IoT) Laboratory
Under Center for Intelligent Cyber Physical Systems, IIT Guwahati
Sponsoring Agency: IIT Guwahati TIDF (under DST NM-ICPS, Govt. of India)
Duration: 2021 -
Role: Principal Investigator
Title:Design a framework to resist image-based adversarial attacks on deep learning models
Sponsoring Agency:Core Research Grant, DST, Govt. of India
Budget: 29.29 Lakhs
Duration: 2021 -
Role: Principal Investigator
Title:Underwater Computer Vision
Sanctioned by Technology Innovation and Development Foundation, IIT Guwahati
Sponsoring Agency:DST NM-ICPS, Govt. of India
Budget: 10 Lakhs (First Year)
Duration: 2022 -
Role: Principal Investigator
Title:Design, Development of a Watermarking System for Scalable Video Authentication.
Sponsoring Agency:DIT, Govt. of India
Budget: Rs. 102.051 (in lakhs)
Duration: 2013-2017
Role: Principal Investigator
Title:Development of Framework for Logging and Analysis of Network Traffic to secure IT infrastructure
Projects of MCIT at Manipur University, Guwahati University, Assam
Sponsoring Agency: DIT, Govt. of Indiab>
Budget:Rs. 15(in lakhs)
Duration: 2009 - 2014
Role: Co-Principal Investigator
Title:Remote Triggered Digital System Laboratory under Remote Triggered Lab
Sponsoring Agency:MHRD, Govt.of India
Budget:Rs. 49(in lakhs)
Duration: 2011 - 2017
Website: Project Webpage
Role: Principal Investigator
Title:Shot Based Video Watermarking For Very Low Bit Rate Video
Sponsoring Agency:DST, Govt. of India
Budget:Rs. 6.40(in lakhs)
Duration: 2013 - 2015
Role: Principal Investigator
Website: Project Webpage