Surveying, Surveying Lab
UG Courses In Surveying course, we discuss about basic surveying and surveying practices at under graduate level. It includes introduction to surveying, linear measurements, angle and direction measurements, concepts of accuracy, precision and errors, combined distance and angular measurements, resection and intersection, levelling and contouring, trigonometrical surveying, triangulation, application of surveying (i.e. curves), and introduction to photogrammetry and remote sensing. In Surveying Lab course, lab exercises are conducted to learn concepts of basic surveying using advanced survey instruments like electronic distance measurement instruments (EDMI), total station, and Global Positioning System.

Precision Remote Sensing
PG Course In this course, we discuss about precision technologies of remote sensing, especially, Global Positioning Systems, Photogrammetry, and LiDAR, which can achieve sub cm level accuracy. In context of these technologies, various aspects like instruments and sensors, platforms, procedures of data acquisition, data registration, development of 3D products, specific applications of 3D products, and integration of these techniques are discussed.