logo Professor Uday S Dixit

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Technical Reports:

  1. P. Mahanta, U.S. Dixit, U.K. Saha, P. Kalita and L. Barbora, 2006, Development of an energy efficient machine for areca nut  leaf plate manufacturing, report submitted by Center of Energy, IITG to Dhritti-The Courage Within,  New Delhi.
  2. U. S. Dixit and S. K. Kakoty, 2003, Design of a mechatronic wheelchair with modular features, A project sponsored by District Rehabilitation Center Scheme, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment,  Govt. of India.
  3. K. Ramachandran, A.D. Sahasrabudhe, U. S. Dixit, A. K. Das, S. Nadkarni, R. Kalaga, 2003, “Redesign of mobile road maintenance system”, A project sponsored by Eastern Base Workshop (EBW), Border Roads Organization, Tezpur.
  4. U.S. Dixit and A.D. Sahsrabudhe, 2002, Prediction of job quality and tool condition in turning by measurement of cutting forces and vibrations, A project sponsored by DST, New Delhi.
  5. A.D. Sahasrabudhe, A. K. Gogoi and U. S. Dixit, 2001, Development of an advanced mechatronics laboratory, A project sponsored by MHRD, New Delhi.
  6. P.M. Dixit, N.N. Kishore, V. Sundararajan, R. Patanaik, S. N. Vardhan, M. S. Kulkarni and U. S. Dixit, Analysis of Bird Impact with the Wind-screen of the Light Combat Aircraft, 1998, A project sponsored by ADA, Bangalore to IIT Kanpur.
  7. P.M. Dixit, U.S. Dixit and Abhijat Vatsyayan, Stress and Vibration Analysis of KADECS(Kaveri Digital Engine Control System)Vapour core Pump, 1996, A project sponsored by HAL, Lucknow to IIT Kanpur.