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Lab Facilities

Research Facilities
Inoculation Room Facility with Horizontal Laminar-air-flow to raise in vitro plant tissue cultures under sterile conditions.
Well equipped plant laboratory with basic equipments to conduct laboratory experiments, media preparation etc. like, Double Distillation Unit, High Precision Digital Balance, Magnetic Stirrer, pH meter, Orbital incubator shaker, Refrigerated centrifuge, Inverted Microscope, Stereo zoom Microscope, Phase contrast microscope and Compound microscopes, Rocker Platform, Biolistic Gun with vacuum pump, Autoclave, Deepfreezer.
Green House Facility with controlled conditions of temperature, light and humidity for establishment of in vitro developed plantlets in soil
Fluorescence Microscope with CCD Camera Attachment
Illuminated Photo-Bioreactor System
Ploidy Analyser

Fluorescence Microscope with CCD Camera Attachment Weighing balance Plant tissue culture room Photo Bioreactor Illuminated Incubator Shaker Autoclave Laminar-airflow Magnetic-stirrer Orbital-shaker ph-meter Stereo-microscope Flow Cytometer