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IITG Faculty Members and their Areas of Research in Green Sciences and Technology
Even before the inception of Green Office IITG, several faculty members of IIT Guwahati have been working in diverse research areas related to Green R&D. The following table summarizes their specific fields of research interests in Green Sciences and Technology. Please visit the respective website of the faculty for further details.

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Sl. No. 59Name of Faculty Department Research Areas Email ID Web Link
1 Dr. Biman Mandal

Biosciences & Bioengineering

  • Natural biomaterials for human tissue engineering and stem cells.
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    2 Dr. Debasish Das Biosciences & Bioengineering
  • Novel microalgal isolates as cell factory for biodiesel production,
  • Development of Clostridium sp. as a cell factory for butanol production,
  • Lignocellulosic ethanol fermentation involving recombinant hydrolytic enzymes expressed and isolated from Escherichia coli
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    3 Dr. Lalit Pandey Biosciences & Bioengineering
  • Reduction of Waste generation
  • Recycling of treated waste as by-product
  • Energy recovery from waste
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    4 Dr. Sanjukta Patra Biosciences & Bioengineering
  • Environmental Pollution Control
  • Bioremediation
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    5 Dr. U. Bora Biosciences & Bioengineering
  • Biomaterials
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    6 Dr. K. Pakshirajan Biosciences & Bioengineering
  • Environmental Biotechnology: Biological removal and recovery of inorganic compounds from wastewaters
  • Biological treatment of industrial wastewaters
  • Biodegradation of xenobiotics
  • Biofuels
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    7 Prof. Rakhi Chaturvedi Biosciences & Bioengineering
  • Plant Tissue Culture
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    8 Prof. V. V. Dasu Biosciences & Bioengineering
  • Bioenergy
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    9 Prof. Pranab Goswami Centre for Energy/ Biosciences & Bioengineering
  • Biofuel cell as green technology to generate electricity
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    10 Dr. Animes Kr. Golder Chemical Engineering
  • Electroremediation of water/ wastewater
  • Physiochemical water / wastewater treatment techniques
  • Bioremediation
  • Electrochemical corrosion.
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    11 Dr. Dipankar Bandyopadhyay Chemical Engineering
  • Fuel and Solar Cells
  • Large Scale Integration of Green Micro-solar and Micro-fuel Cell
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    Dr. Kaustubha Mohanty

    Chemical Engineering
  • Biological Wastewater Treatment (Biosorption, Biodegradation, Bioremediation),
  • Multiphase Reactors (Air-lift Reactors and Bioreactors),
  • Biofuels (Bio-H2 and Bio-Ethanol),
  • Pyrolysis of Biomass towards valued added products such as Bio-oil & Bio
  • Chemicals, Ionic Liquids (Applications in Separation of Pollutants & Bio-products)
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    13 Dr. M. K. Purkait Chemical Engineering
  • Production of value added product from CO2
  • Exaction of value added production from plants
  • Membrane technology
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    14 Dr. Nageswara Rao Peela Chemical Engineering
  • Catalytic bio-oil upgradation to transportation fuels
  • Catalytic conversion of wood based biomass to value added chemicals
  • CO2 reduction to chemicals and fuels
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    15 Dr. S. K. Majumder Chemical Engineering
  • Multiphase Flow and reactor development
  • Hydrodynamics in multiphase flow
  • Mineral processing
  • Process intensifications
  • Micro-nano bubble science and technology and its applications
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    16 Dr. Sasidhar Gumma Chemical Engineering
  • CO2 capture and removal from gaseous streams using adsorption and absorption
  • Hydrogen storage materials
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    17 Dr. Senthilmurugan S Chemical Engineering
  • Waste to Energy
  • Waste and waste water treatment (WWWT) for Process Industries,
  • Novel Desalination Technologies,
  • Smart Water Grid
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    18 Dr. Tamal Banerjee Chemical Engineering
  • Electronic Structure calculations on Emerging Pollutants
  • Desulphurization and Dinitrification studies using Ionic Liquids
  • Dissolution of Lignocellulosic Biomass in Green Solvents

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    19 Dr. Vaibhav V. Goud  Chemical Engineering
  • Bio-energy Biolubricant,
  • Utilisation of Lignocellulosic Biomass for Production of Fuel/Chemicals,
  • Wastewater Treatment
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    20 Dr. Vimal Katiyar Chemical Engineering
  • Bio-degradable polymers
  • Clean Energy
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    21 Prof. Aloke Kumar Ghoshal Chemical Engineering
  • Environmental Pollution Control.
  • Pyrolysis of waste plastics.
  • Liquid membranes for pollution control
  • Adsorption technology  for industrial scale CO2 removal
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    22 Prof. Ramagopal Uppaluri Chemical Engineering
  • Ceramic membrane based wastewater treatment
  • Technoeconomic analysis of novel processes/technologies
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    23 Dr. Pankaj Tiwari Chemical Engineering
  • Conversion of carbonaceous solid waste to useful chemicals
  • CO2 flooding for EOR applications
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    23 Dr. Bhubaneshwar Mandal Chemistry
  • Renewable reagent development for various organic transformations
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    24 Dr. K. Mahata Chemistry
  • Solar fuel from water
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    25 Dr. Lal Mohan Kundu Chemistry
  • Green Chemistry
  • Clean Technology
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    26 Dr. M. Qureshi Chemistry
  • CdS  - ZnO based solar cells
  • Phosphorescent Organic Light Emitting Diodes
  • Stable and Efficient complex oxides for Hydrogen generation
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    27 Prof B. K. Patel Chemistry
  • Green Chemistry
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    2829 Prof. Gopal Das Chemistry
  • Environmental Chemistry and Water Research
  • Biomineralization and Biomimetic Material Chemistry
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    30 Prof. J. B. Baruah Chemistry
  • Green chemistry

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    31 Prof. T. Punniyamurthy Chemistry
  • Sustainable Technology and Chemistry
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    32 Dr. P. K. Ghosh Civil Engineering
  • Water treatment for domestic and industrial use
  • Domestic and Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Sludge treatment by physicochemical and biological process
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    Dr. Ajay Kalamdhad

    Civil Engineering
  • Solid waste management
  • Mechanical composting and vermicomposting
  • Analysis of solid wastes
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    34 Dr. Manish Kumar Goyal Civil Engineering
  • Soil carbon sequestration
  • Clean development mechanism
  • Carbon footprint
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    35 Prof. Saswati Chakraborty Civil Engineering
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Biodegradation of Industrial Wastewater
  • Removal of Heavy Metals from Wastewater
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    36 Dr. Sharad Ghokale Civil Engineering
  • Air pollution and environmental noise
  • Air quality modeling for traffic, industries, power plants
  • Traffic flow and emission, atmospheric dispersion
  • Indoor air quality, EIA, source apportionment, human exposure
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    37 Dr. Sri Harsha Kota Civil Engineering
  • Formation, transformation and chemical mechanisms of air pollutants near roadways
  • Development of air quality models
  • Estimation of emission factors
  • Source apportionment of air pollutants
  • Regional air quality
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    38 Prof. Arup Kr. Sarma Civil Engineering
  • Ecological Management Practices for managing hilly watershed.
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    39 Prof. Chandan Mahanta Civil Engineering
  • Water Quality
  • Environmental Impact, Risk Assessment and Management
  • Environmental Geo-informatics
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    Prof. M. Jawed

    Civil Engineering
  • Biological Processes
  • Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment
  • Heavy Metal Removal and Recovery
  • Water Treatment and Supply
  • Domestic & Industrial Wastewater Treatment
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    41 Dr. Arindam Dey Civil Engineering
  • Geosynthetics based sustainable designs in geotechnical engineering.
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    42 Dr. Boeing Laishram Civil Engineering
  • Sustainable infrastructure development
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    43 Dr. S. Sreedeep Civil Engineering
  • Reuse of fly ash
  • Utilizing waste for waste containment applications
  • Nuclear waste management
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    44 Dr. Suresh A. Kartha Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Landfill Leaching
  • Contaminant Transport Modeling
  • Environmental pollution control in hydrometallurgy
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    45 Dr. A Murali Krishna Civil Enginering
  • Use of scrap tyre materials in Geotechnical and Geosynthetic applications
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    46 Dr. Shareka Iqbal Design
  • Adaptive Reuse, Solar Passive Architecture
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    47 Dr. Sharmistha Banerjee Design
  • Design for sustainability
  • Bio-inspired design
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    48 Dr. Sougata Karmakar Design
  • Bio-inspired product design
  • Electricity generation from human powered ergometer
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    49 Prof. P. Yammiyavar Design
  • Architecture  - Renewable energy
  • Energy efficient building design
  • Interiors and Environments
  • Green Design Methodologies
  • Smart Cities
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    50 Dr. Anamika Barua Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Climate Change
  • Water and livelihoods
  • Sustainable Cities
  • Ecological Foot print
  • Transboundary Waters and hydro diplomacy
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    51 Prof. Krishna Barua Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Eco-criticism
  • Eco-Aesthetics
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    52 Prof. Archana Barua Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Eco-phenomenology
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    53 Prof. N. Tripathi Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Environmental Psychology
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    54 Dr. Ganesh Narayanan Mechanical Engineering
  • Green and sustainable manufacturing
  • Welding replacement
  • Green design of rigid tools
  • green formability of sheets
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    55 Dr. M. Ravi Sankar Mechanical Engineering
  • Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Bio medical Devices
  • Bio-Materials
  • Bio-MEMS
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    56 Dr. P. Muthukumar Mechanical Engineering
  • Hydrogen Energy (Storage and Applications)
  • Metal hydride based thermal machines
  • Porous medium combustion
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Thermal energy storage systems
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    57 Dr. S. Chandramohan Mechanical Engineering
  • Renewable Energy
  •  Non-Conventional Energy Sources
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    58 Dr. Sachin D. Kore Mechanical Engineering
  • Electromagnetic Pulse Welding  (Green Welding with no heat, no sparks, no smoke, no radiation)
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    59 Dr. Swarup Bag Mechanical Engineering
  • Green Manufacturing
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    Prof. P. Mahanta

    Mechanical Engineering
  • Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy
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    Prof. U. K. Saha

    Mechanical Engineering
  • Wind Energy Conversion
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    Dr. Padmakumar Padmanabhan

  • Atomistic simulation of materials for energy and the Environment
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    Prof. Pratima Agarwal

  • Solar cell
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