Tutorial Sessions

Tutorial 05

New Generation Planar Antennas for Wireless Applications
Speaker: Prof. Debatosh Guha, Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics, University of Calcutta


It is nearly half a decade that wireless communication has grown and spread over the entire world. The mobile communication equipment is generally small in size and is getting more and more compact with time. Consequently, their antennas are getting equal importance for having miniaturized configuration with improved features. The challenges in realizing miniaturized wireless antennas haven a major issue to the antenna community. In this tutorial we intend to introduce those technical issues with gradual development of antenna technology. Indeed, the wireless antenna research so far has been mainly focused to developing printed antennas using conventional microstrip PTFE substrates. Considering different wireless applications, their equipment shape and size, configuration of mounting structures and radiation hazards, the researchers have tried to explore more compact as well as novel geometries/ architecture. Apart from microstrip or electric monopole, another potential candidate is the Dielectric Resonators Antenna (DRA). This tutorial will address the following topics:

  • Special Features and requirements of wireless antennas
  • Fundamentals of Printed/microstrip antennas
  • Printed antennas for mobile phones
  • Printed Antennas for Wireless Base Stations
  • Table-/Ceiling-/Laptop-mount Printed Antennas
  • Electric monopole/ monopole-type wireless antennas
  • Fundamentals of DRA
  • DRAs for wireless applications
  • Broadband monopole-like DRAs
  • DRAs for mobile phones
  • Antenna on chip: challenges and achievement