Recent Publications

1. RG Shelke, L Rangan
Isolation and characterisation of Ty1 copia retrotransposons from Pongamia pinnata,
Trees vol., no. , pp.-, [2019]

2. I Chakrabartty, A Vijayasekhar, L Rangan
Therapeutic potential of labdane diterpene from Alpinia nigra: Detailed hemato-compatibility and antimicrobial studies,
Natural Product Research vol.DOI: 10.1080/14786419.2019.1610756, no. , pp.-, [2019]

3. Debika Datta, Vishnu Kumar, Sachin Kumar, Ramakrishnan Nagaraj and Nitin Chaudhary*
Hydrogel formation by an aromatic analog of {beta}-amyloid fragment, A{beta}16-22 – a scaffold for 3-D cell culture.,
ACS Omega vol.4, no.1 , pp.620-627, [2019]

4. Singh NK, Naira VR and Maiti SK
Production of biodiesel by autotrophic Chlorella pyrenoidosa in a sintered disc lab scale bubble column photobioreactor under natural sunlight,
Preparative Biochemistry and Biotechnology vol.49, no. , pp.255-269, [2019]

5. Panda SK and Maiti SK
An approach for simultaneous detoxification and increment of cellulase enzyme production by Trichoderma reesei using rice straw,
Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects vol.DOI: 10.1080/15567036.2019.1568641, no. , pp.-, [2019]

6. Mahesh R, Naira VR and Maiti SK
Concomitant production of fatty acid methyl ester (biodiesel) and exopolysaccharides using efficient harvesting technology in flat panel photobioreactor with special sparging system via Scenedesmus abundans,
Bioresource Technology vol.278, no. , pp.231-241, [2019]

7. Gohain D, Tamuli R
Calcineurin responsive zinc-finger-1 binds to a unique promoter sequence to upregulate neuronal calcium sensor-1, whose interaction with MID-1 increases tolerance to calcium stress in Neurospora crassa. ,
Molecular Microbiology vol.111, no.6 , pp.1510-1528, [2019]

8. Maibam PD, Maiti SK
A Strategy for Simultaneous Xylose Utilization and Enhancement of Cellulase Enzyme Production by Trichoderma reesei Cultivated on Liquid Hydrolysate Followed by Induction with Feeding of Solid Sugarcane Bagasse,
Waste and Biomass Valorization vol.DOI:, no. , pp.-, [2019]

9. Naira VR, Das D and Maiti SK
Real time light intensity based carbon dioxide feeding for high cell-density microalgae cultivation and biodiesel production in a bubble column photobioreactor under outdoor natural sunlight,
Bioresource Technology vol.284, no. , pp.43-55, [2019]

10. Ankit Gangrade and Biman B. Mandal.
Injectable Carbon Nanotube Impregnated Silk Based Multifunctional Hydrogel for Localized Targeted and On-Demand Anticancer Drug Delivery,
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering vol.5, no. , pp.2365-2381, [2019]

11. Ghosh K K *, Prakash A *, Dhara A , Hussain M S , Shrivastav P , Kumar P , Balamurugan V, Kumar M
Evaluating the moonlight role of supramolecule ErpY-like lipoprotein of Leptospira in thrombin-catalyzed fibrin clot inhibition, binding to complement factors H & -I, and its diagnostic potential,
Infection and Immunity vol.87, no.12 , pp.e00536-19-e00536-19, [2019]

12. Agarwal M, Mondal T, Bose B
Peptides derived from a short stretch of diphtheria toxin bind to heparin-binding epidermal growth factor-like growth factor,
Toxicon vol.169, no. , pp.109-116, [2019]

13. Chandrasekaran K, Bose B
Percolation in a reduced equilibrium model of planar cell polarity,
Physical Review E vol.100, no. , pp.032408-, [2019]

14. A Paul, J Deka, N Gujre, L Rangan, S Mitra
Does nature of livelihood regulate the urban community's vulnerability to climate change? Guwahati city, a case study from North East India. ,
Journal of Environmental Management, no. , pp.-, [2019]

15. Saha G, Khamar B, Kumari P, Kumar M, Dubey V.
BLIMP-1 plays important role in the regulation of macrophage pyroptosis for the growth and multiplication of Leishmania donovani,
ACS Infectious Diseases (accepted) vol., no. , pp.-, [2019]

16. Kumari R K, Kumar R, Kumar P, Kumar M.
Emergence and variations in disease ecology of tick-borne bovine theileriosis in East India,
International Journal of Livestock Research (accepted) vol., no. , pp.-, [2019]

17. Praksah Kishore Hazam, Akhil, R. , Gaurav Jerath, Jahnu Saikia and Vibin Ramakrishnan*
Topological effects on the designability and bactericidal potency of antimicrobial peptides,
Biophysical Chemistry vol.248, no. , pp.1-8, [2019]

18. Deka B and Singh K.K.
The arginine and serine (RS)-rich domains of Acinus modulate splicing. ,
Cell. Bio. International vol., no. , pp.-, [2019]

19. Jahnu Saikia, Gaurav Pandey, Sajitha Sasidharan, Ferrin Antony, Harshal B. Nemade, Sachin Kumar, Nitin Chaudhary, and Vibin Ramakrishnan
Electric Field Disrupts Amyloid Aggregation; Potential Non-invasive Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease,
ACS Chemical Neuroscience vol.10, no.5 , pp.2250-2262, [2019]

20. Gaurav Pandey, Sudhir Morla, Harshal B. Nemade, Sachin Kumar and Vibin Ramakrishnan
Modulation of Aggregation with Electric Field; Scientific Roadmap for a Potential Non-Invasive Therapy Against Tauopathies.,
RSC Advances vol.9, no. , pp.4744-4750, [2019]

21. Gaurav Jerath, Ruchika Goyal, Vishal Trivedi T.R. Santhoshkumar and Vibin Ramakrishna
Syndiotactic Peptides for Targeted Delivery,
Acta Biomaterialia vol.87, no. , pp.130-139, [2019]

22. Gupta A, Deka P, Kumar S*
Resiquimod inhibits Newcastle disease virus replication by modulating host cytokines: An understanding towards its possible therapeutics. ,
Cytokine vol., no. , pp.-, [2019]

23. Morla S, Kumar A and Kumar S*
Newcastle disease virus mediated apoptosis and migration inhibition of human oral cancer cells: A probable role of Beta-catenin and matrix metalloproteinase-7. ,
Scientific Reports vol.9, no.1 , pp.-, [2019]

24. Devaraj V, Bose B
Morphological State Transition Dynamics in EGF-induced Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition,
Journal of clinical medicine vol.8, no.7 , pp.E911.-, [2019]

25. R Shelke, L Rangan
The role of transposable elements in Pongamia unigenes and protein diversity,
Molecular Biotechnology vol.DOI.10.1007/s12033-019-00223-0, no. , pp.-, [2019]

26. Sunil Kumar Sailapu, Deepanjalee Dutta, Anitha. T Simon, Siddhartha Sankar Ghosh, Arun Chattopadhyay
Gold-Nanocluster-Embedded Mucin Nanoparticles for Photodynamic Therapy and Bioimaging,
Langmuir vol.35, no.32 , pp.10475-10483, [2019]

27. Sunil Kumar Sailapu, Deepanjalee Dutta, Anitha. T Simon, Siddhartha Sankar Ghosh, Arun Chattopadhyay
Smartphone controlled interactive portable device for theranostics in vitro,
Biosensors & Bioelectronics vol.146, no. , pp.11745-, [2019]

28. Neha Arora, Rajib Shome, Siddhartha Sankar Ghosh
Deciphering therapeutic potential of PEGylated recombinant PTEN-silver nanoclusters ensemble on 3D spheroid,
Molecular Biology Reports vol.8, no. , pp.1-10, [2019]

29. Deepanjalee Dutta, Sunil Kumar Sailapu, Anitha T Simon, Siddhartha Sankar Ghosh, Arun Chattopadhyay
Gold Nanoclusters Embedded Mucin Nanoparticles for Photodynamic Therapy and Bioimaging,
Langmuir vol.35, no.32 , pp.10475-10483, [2019]

30. Kumar V, Yadav K, Kumar R, Chaudhary N, Kumar S*
Glycoprotein D peptide-based diagnostic approach for the detection of avian infectious laryngotracheitis antibodies.,
Avian Pathology vol., no. , pp.-, [2019]

31. Bhuyan T, Dutta D, Bhattacharjee M, Singh AK, Siddhartha Sankar Ghosh, Bandyopadhyay D
Acoustic Propulsion of Vitamin C loaded Teabots for Targeted Oxidative Stress and Amyloid Therapeutics,
ACS Applied Bio Materials vol.2, no.10 , pp.4571-4582, [2019]

32. Rupam Sinha, Anil P. Bidkar, Ravula Rajasekhar, Siddhartha S. Ghosh, Tapas K. Mandal
A facile synthesis of nontoxic luminescent carbon dots for detection of chromium and iron in real water sample and bio-imaging,
The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering vol., no. , pp.-, [2019]

33. Anamika Dey, Ashish Singh, Deepanjalee Dutta, Siddhartha Sankar Ghosh, PK Iyer
Rapid and label-free bacteria detection using a hybrid tri-layer dielectric integrated n-type organic field effect transistor,
Journal of Materials Chemistry vol.7, no. , pp.18330- 18337, [2019]

34. Dave U, Srivathsan A, Kumar S*
Analysis of codon usage pattern in the viral proteins of chicken anemia virus and its possible biological relevance.,
Infection, Genetics and Evolution vol.69, no. , pp.93-106, [2019]

35. Bidkar AP, Sanpui P, Siddhartha Sankar Ghosh
Red Blood Cell (RBC) Membrane Coated Poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) Nanoparticles for Enhanced Chemo and Hypoxia Activated Therapy,
ACS Applied Bio Materials vol.2, no.9 , pp.4077-4086, [2019]

36. Shah M, Bharadwaj M, Gupta A, Kumar R, Kumar S*
Chicken viperin inhibits Newcastle disease virus infection in vitro: A possible interaction with the viral matrix protein.,
Cytokine vol.120, no. , pp.28-40, [2019]

37. Aparajita Dutta, AmanDalmia, AthulR., Kusum Kumari Singh, AshishAnand
Using the Chou’s 5-steps rule to predict splice junctions with interpretable bidirectional long short-term memory networks,
Computers in Biology and Medicine vol., no.CBM_103558 , pp.-, [2019]

38. Anand, R., Agrawal, M., Mattaparthi, V. K. S., Swaminathan, R., Santra, S. B.
Consequences of heterogeneous crowding on an enzymatic reaction: A residence time Monte Carlo approach.,
ACS Omega vol.4, no. , pp.727-736, [2019]

39. Dhara A, Hussain M S, Datta D, Kumar M
Insights to the assembly of functionally active leptospiral ClpP1P2 protease complex along with its ATPase chaperone ClpX,
ACS omega vol.4, no. , pp.12880-12895, [2019]

40. Praksah Kishore Hazam, Ruchika Goyal, Vibin Ramakrishnan
Peptide based antimicrobials: Design strategies and therapeutic potential,
Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology vol.142, no. , pp.10-22, [2019]

41. Prakash Kishore Hazam, Anjali Singh, Nitin Chaudhary and Vibin Ramakrishnan
Bactericidal Potency and Extended Serum Life of Stereo-Chemically Engineered Peptides Against Mycobacterium,
International Journal of Peptide Research and Therapeutics. vol.25, no.2 , pp.465-472, [2019]

42. S Basak, AM Ramesh, A Parida, S Mitra, L Rangan
Evaluation of rapid molecular diagnostics for differentiating medicinal Kaempferia species from its adulterants,
Plant Diversity vol.41, no. , pp.206-211, [2019]

43. Bidkar AP, Sanpui P, Siddhartha Sankar Ghosh
Combination Therapy with MAPK-Pathway Specific Inhibitor and Folic Acid Receptor Targeted Selenium Nanoparticles Induces Synergistic Anti-proliferative Response in BRAF-mutant Cancer Cells. ,
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering vol.5, no.5 , pp.2222-2234, [2019]

44. Raza A, Siddhartha Sankar Ghosh
Connexin-43 Enhances the Redesigned Cytosine Deaminase Activity for Suicide Gene Therapy in Human Breast Cancer Cells,
Biochemistry Insights vol.12, no. , pp.1-8, [2019]

45. Ghosh S, Pal S, Rajamanickam S, Shome R, Mohanta PR, Siddhartha Sankar Ghosh, Patel BK
Access to Multifunctional AEEgens via Ru (II)-Catalyzed Quinoxaline-Directed Oxidative Annulation,
ACS Omega vol.4, no.3 , pp.5565-5577, [2019]

46. Binita Nath, Anil P Bidkar, Vikash Kumar, Amaresh Dalal, Mohit Kumar Jolly, Siddhartha Sankar Ghosh, Gautam Biswas
Deciphering Hydrodynamic and Drug-Resistant Behaviors of Metastatic EMT Breast Cancer Cells Moving in a Constricted Microcapillary,
Journal of Clinical Medicine vol.8, no.8 , pp.1-10, [2019]

47. Anitha T Simon, Deepanjalee Dutta, Arun Chattopadhyay, Siddhartha Sankar Ghosh
Copper Nanocluster-Doped Luminescent Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles for Antibacterial and Antibiofilm Applications,
ACS Omega vol.4, no.3 , pp.4697-4706, [2019]

48. Dimple Chouhan, Namit Dey, Nandana Bhardwaj and Biman B. Mandal.
Emerging and innovative approaches for wound healing and skin regeneration: Current status and advances,
Biomaterials vol.216, no. , pp.119267-, [2019]

49. Jahnu Saikia, Gaurav Pandey, Sajitha Sasidharan, Ferrin Antony, Harshal B. Nemade, Sachin Kumar, Nitin Chaudhary and Vibin Ramakrishnan*
Electric Field Disruption of Amyloid Aggregation: Potential Noninvasive Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease,
ACS Chemical Neuroscience vol.10, no.5 , pp.2250-2262, [2019]

50. Debika Datta, Vishnu Kumar, Sachin Kumar, Ramakrishnan Nagaraj* and Nitin Chaudhary*
Limpid hydrogels from {beta}-turn motif-connected tandem repeats of {Abeta}16–22,
Soft Matter vol.15, no.24 , pp.4827-4835, [2019]

51. Kedar Sharma, Carlos M.G.A. Fontes, Shabir Nazmuddin and Arun Goyal
Molecular organization and protein stability of Clostridium thermocellum glucuronoxylan endo-?-1,4-xylanase of family 30 glycoside hydrolase in solution. ,
Journal of Structural Biology. vol.206, no. , pp.335-344, [2019]

52. Kedar Sharma, Vikky Rajulapati and Arun Goyal
Green synthesis of arabinoxyloglucan coated antimicrobial copper nanoparticles. ,
Trends in Carbohydrate Research vol.11(1), no. , pp.22-30, [2019]

53. Priyanka Nath, Arun Dhillon, Krishan Kumar, Kedar Sharma, Sumitha Banu Jamaldheen, Vijayanand Suryakant Moholkar and Arun Goyal
Development of bi-functional chimeric enzyme (CtGH1-L1-CtGH5-F194A) from endoglucanase (CtGH5) mutant F194A and ?-1,4-glucosidase (CtGH1) from Clostridium thermocellum with enhanced activity and structural integrity. ,
Bioresource Technology. vol.282, no. , pp.494-501, [2019]

54. Aruna Rani, Vikky Rajulapat and Arun Goyal
Antitumor effect of chondroitin AC lyase (PsPL8A) from Pedobacter saltans on melanoma and fibrosarcoma cell lines by in vitro analysis.,
Pharmacological Reports. vol. 71, no. , pp. 167-174, [2019]

55. Prakash Kishore Hazam, Anjali Singh, Nitin Chaudhary and Vibin Ramakrishnan*
Bactericidal Potency and Extended Serum Life of Stereo-Chemically Engineered Peptides Against Mycobacterium,
International Journal of Peptide Research and Therapeutics vol.25, no.2 , pp.465-472, [2019]

56. Debika Datta, Adicherla Harikrishna, Ramakrishnan Nagaraj* and Nitin Chaudhary*
Self?assembly of {beta}?turn motif?connected tandem repeats of A{beta}16?22 and its aromatic analogs,
Peptide Science vol.111, no. , pp.e24099-, [2019]

57. Joseph Christakiran Moses, Mainak Dey, K. Bavya Devi, Mangal Roy, Samit K. Nandi and Biman B. Mandal.
Synergistic effects of silicon/zinc doped brushite and silk scaffolding in augmenting the osteogenic and angiogenic potential of composite biomimetic bone grafts. ,
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering vol.5, no. , pp.1462-1475, [2019]

58. Shreya Mehrotra, Joseph Christakiran Moses, Ashutosh Bandyopadhyay and Biman B. Mandal.
3D printing/bioprinting based tailoring of in vitro tissue models: Recent advances and challenges. ,
ACS Applied Bio Materials vol.2, no. , pp.1385-1405, [2019]

59. Shreya Mehrotra, Dimple Chouhan, Rocktotpal Konwarh, Manishekhar Kumar, Jadi Praveen Kumar and Biman B. Mandal.
A comprehensive review on silk at nanoscale for regenerative medicine and allied applications.,
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering. vol.5, no. , pp.2054-2078, [2019]

60. Piyali Das, Yogendra Pratap Singh, Siddhartha Narayan Joardar, Bikash Kanti Biswas, Rupnarayan Bhattacharya, Samit Kumar Nandi and Biman B. Mandal.
Decellularized Caprine Conchal Cartilage toward Repair and Regeneration of Damaged Cartilage,
ACS Applied Bio Materials. vol.2, no. , pp.2037-2049, [2019]

61. Jadi Praveen Kumar and Biman B. Mandal.
Silk sericin induced pro-oxidative stress leads to apoptosis in human cancer cells.,
Food and Chemical Toxicology. vol.123, no. , pp.275-287, [2019]

62. Arpita Shome, Adil M Rather, Aindrila Ghosal, Bibhas K Bhunia, Biman B Mandal, Uttam Manna.
Rational Chemical Engineering in Natural Protein Derived Functional Interface. ,
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. vol.7, no. , pp.7502-7509, [2019]

63. Jadi Praveen Kumar and Biman B Mandal.
Inhibitory role of silk cocoon extract on elastase, hyaluronidase and UV radiation-induced matrix metalloproteinases expression in human dermal fibroblast and keratinocytes.,
Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences. vol.18, no. , pp.1259-1274, [2019]

64. Dimple Chouhan, Shreya Mehrotra, Omkar Majumder and Biman B. Mandal.
Magnetic actuator device assisted modulation of cellular behavior and tuning of drug release on silk platform. ,
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering. vol.5, no. , pp.92-105, [2019]

65. Bibhas K. Bhunia and Biman B. Mandal.
Exploring gelation and physico-chemical behavior of in-situ bioresponsive silk hydrogels for disc degeneration therapy,
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering vol.5, no. , pp.870-886, [2019]

66. Prerak Gupta, Joseph Christakiran Moses and Biman B Mandal.
Surface patterning and innate physico-chemical attributes of silk films concomitantly govern vascular cell dynamics,
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering vol.5, no. , pp.933-949, [2019]

67. Khushwant Singh, Ankit Gangrade, Achintya Jana, Biman B. Mandal and Neeladri Das.
Design, synthesis, characterization and antiproliferative activity of organoplatinum compounds bearing 1,2,3-triazole ring,
ACS Omega vol.4, no. , pp.835-841, [2019]

Awards and honours

  • Dr. Ajay Kunnumakkara, "Appointed as visiting scientist AIST, Japan, 2019", [2019]
  • Dr. Souptick Chanda, "Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Fellowship 2019-20 to carry out research at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA", [2019]
  • Prof. Arun Goyal, "Nominated as member, technical expert committee for DBT-NER by DBT in the area energy, environment and biodiversity for 3 years", [2018]
  • Dr. Biman B. Mandal, "Cover pages (03) in “ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering”, “ACS applied Bio materials” and “JMC-B” for work on silk based tissue engineering.", [2018]
  • Dr. Kusum Singh, "Biotechnology Overseas Associateship for NER Scientists Award 2018, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.", [2018]
  • Debika Dutta, "Travel grant by American peptide society to attend the American peptide symposium 2019 at Monterey, California. ", [2019]
  • Phurpa Dema Thungon, "Overseas Visiting Doctoral Fellowship (OVDF) from SERB (DST)-UAlberta Partnership scheme to carry out her thesis work at University of Alberta, Canada for a period of one year (May 2019-April 2020)", [2019]
  • Sanjay M, "1st position and received a cash prize of Rs 25000 for his model “Optisense- a smartphone based malaria detection platform” in the Redstart-All India Startup Challenge, Research Conclave 2019, organized by IIT Guwahati", [2019]
  • Ishani Chakrabartty, "1st prize in Oral presentation during Indo-Japan Bilateral Symposium for Future Perspectives of Bioresource Utilization in North East India (IJBS’17)held at IIT Guwahati from 1st-4thFebruary 2018 for her paper titled “Alpinia nigra: The unexplored ore of Zingiberaceae for future therapeutics”. (Springer award included 200 Euros)", [2018]
  • Mr. Angshu Dutta (Roll No.: 166106020), PhD Student, "BEST POSTER AWARD at Research Conclave –2018, IIT Guwahati.", [2018]
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