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Learning through activities is our main moto... By synthesizing Kindergarten, Nursery and Montessori systems, the school aims to develop a holistic environment for the children coming from diverse parts of the country. Hence, the School plays an important role in developing the creativity of the children and helps in their all-round development through their participation in different co-curricular activities, apart from academic activities.

Environment Day

The school always keeps in mind that the inquisitive mind of the children should be nurtured so that they open out and get an environment where learning process becomes an enjoyment. So celebrating world environment day with vibrant colours under the sky is the best way to make our tiny tots aware of this beautiful environment.

5th June Akshara Pre-Primary School, IIT Guwahati


Independence Day and Republic Day Celebration

Respecting and loving our country is very important. It makes us more responsible, honest and in this process it makes us a good human being. So by celebrating Independence Day and Republic Day , we try to incorporate those basic values in the minds of the children.

15th August and 26th January Akshara Pre-Primary School, IIT Guwahati

Independence Day 2018

Republic Day 2019

Children's Day

Being a school for the tiny tots, Children’s Day is one of the most important events celebrated in Akshara School. The school aims at imparting both knowledge and fun through the different programmes organized on this day. Celebrated every year on 14thof November, it emphasizes the importance of showering love and affection upon children for their future progress. Each class takes part in its celebration by performing in a big stage decorated for the purpose. The events usually include singing of the School Song, dances, doing skits (mainly by the KG students) etc. All the students are given gifts at the end of the program and a delicious lunch is served. All in all, it is a day of great joy and celebrations!

14th November Akshara Pre-Primary School, IIT Guwahati




Outing always refreshes our minds. December is the best month for picnic outing and any other outdoor fun. So in the month of December we take our Nursery and KG children for a picnic.

December Akshara Pre-Primary School, IIT Guwahati



Sport's Day

Sports being very important for both physical as well as mental fitness, Akshara School makes sure that it organizes Sport’s Day every year. Children love different forms of games and the school tries to bring about as much variety as possible in the sports organized. The different sports held range from running race, chocolate race, musical chair, sit-stand, land-water, treasure hunt etc. The day is filled with fun and frolic and ends with a happy note on everyone’s heart. Sport is of course not just about organizing these enjoyable games. Through participation in these games, the kids of our school unknowingly develop the most needed spirit for their life-that’s the sporting spirit.

Annual Event Akshara Pre-Primary School, IIT Guwahati




Our another humble effort is to make our next generation acquainted with our own festivals. We celebrate Magh Bihu by making Meji and distributing pitha, laddu etc. Similarly we celebrate diwali, Holi, Id Christmas etc in the school by doing different activities.

On the respective days Akshara Pre-Primary School, IIT Guwahati

Magh Bihu 2018

Magh Bihu 2019

Medical Check Up

Since the past three years, Akshara Pre Primary school has been organizing a medical checkup camp in the school in collaboration with the G.N.R.C. A team of experienced doctors and nurses represent the medical troop to give a free check up for Nursery and K.G. students. General practitioner, eye doctor and a pediatrician does a thorough check up for the children. Medical booklet has been introduced since last year to keep a record of the children.

Annual Event Akshara Pre-Primary School, IIT Guwahati



Akshara Pre Primary school follows the culture of bidding a farewell to the graduating K.G. students every year. This practice has been followed since the last decade. We organize a party on the last day of the K.G. academic year. This informal party is associated with fun, dance, food and gifts.

Annual Event Akshara Pre-Primary School, IIT Guwahati