Call for proposals

TOCIC IIT GUWAHATI now invites proposals from individual innovators in category I and II of PRISM Phase I. The proposals shall preferably be considered in the following focus sectors:

  • Green technology
  • Clean energy
  • Industrially utilizable smart materials
  • Waste to Wealth
  • Affordable Healthcare
  • Water & Sewage Management and any other technology or knowledge intensive area.

PRISM Guidelines and Application Forms:

PRISM_ Phase-I: Individual Innovator Proposals:

  • Category I:Proof of Concept/Prototypes/Models        [word]
  • Category II: Fabrication of Working Model/Process Know-how/Testing & Trial/Patenting       [word]
  • PRISM_ Phase-II     [word]

    PRISM _ R&D Proposals (MSME CLUSTERS)     [word]

    Terms & Conditions for the projects considered for support under PRISM     [word]