@ Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Guwahati, Guwahati, India.


    Dr. Tamal Banerjee
    Ph.D.,Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute Of Technology, Kanpur, 2007.
    M.Tech,Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute Of Technology, Roorkee, 2002.
    B.E.,Chemical Engineering, University Of Pune, 2000.
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    Pyarimohan Dehury
    Ph.D. Scholar, July 2015-present
    Thesis Topic : Nanoparticle Dispersed Deep Eutectic Solvents as Low Cost Heat Transfer fluid for Concentrated Solar Power.
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    Upasana Mahanta
    Ph.D. Scholar, July 2016-present
    Thesis Topic : Ionic liquids (IL’s) and Deep Eutectic Solvents as electrolytes for Energy efficient Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitor.
    Co-supervisor : Dr. R. Prasanna Venkatesh
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    Dhirendra Mishra
    Ph.D. Scholar, Dec 2016-present
    Thesis Topic : Deep Eutectic Solvent Facilitated Thermal Dehydrogenation of Amine Boranes and its Derivatives.
    Co-supervisor : Dr. G. Pugazenthi
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    Nabendu Paul
    Ph.D. Scholar, Dec 2017-present
    Thesis Topic : Hydrophobic Deep Eutectic Solvents for Remediation of Antifungal and Antibiotics in Waste water.
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    Nikhil Kumar
    Ph.D. Scholar, Dec 2017-present
    Thesis Topic : Development of Novel Deep Eutectic Solvents for the Extraction of Aromatics in the Production of Pharmaceutical and Food Grade Hexane.
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    Arindam Dutta
    Ph.D. Scholar, Dec 2018-present
    Thesis Topic : Electrochemical and Computational Analysis of Novel Ionogels as Electrolytes for Supercapacitors
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    Nipu Kumar Das
    Ph.D. Scholar, Dec 2019-present
    Thesis Topic : ------
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    S.Sai Dileep Kumar
    Ph.D. Scholar, July 2020-present
    Thesis Topic : --------
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