Madhusmita Nanda

Prime Minister's Research Fellow
Department of Civil Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati 

About me

At the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, I am a research scholar in the Department of Civil Engineering. I began studying Earth Science during graduation and completed it at Utkal University, following my aspirations. Then I went on to the Indian Institute of Technology in Bhubaneswar to get my master's degree. For further enhancement of my knowledge and to distinguish myself among my peers in the vast field of Earth Science, I desired to do doctoral studies in this Interdisciplinary Department. I am particularly interested in isotope hydrology since it aids in the reconstruction of paleo events. These courses are important to me because I want to be able to pursue advanced professional prospects. Specifically, I want to increase my ability to think independently, improve my research and application skills, and improve my ability to effectively explain technical knowledge. I am anxious to broaden my knowledge and overcome the difficult difficulties that research is now facing.

Educational Qualification

2021- Present

Earth Science & Systems Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
Course Work: CGPA (9.21/10)

B.Sc.                                                                                          2017
Percentage: Hons 83.12%
Utkal University (Stewart Science College)



School of Earth Ocean and Climate Sciences
Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar
Course Work: CGPA (8.83/10)

Higher Secondary (CHSE)                                                          2013
Percentage: 75%
J.K.B.K. Jr. Govt. College, Odisha

Ph.D. Course work (Total 38 Credit)
Semester-I (Jan - May ) 2021 


(CE 595) Advanced Techniques in Geoscience -AA                                  

(CE559) Watershed Management & Remote Sensing Application- AA         

(CE 594) Geohazard Science and Engineering- BB                                   

Semester-II ( July. - Nov ) 2021

(CE 593)Advanced Remote Sensing- AA                                                 

(CE 592) Exploration Geoscience- AB                                                    

(CE551)Surface Water Hydrology-BB                                                     

Awards & Achievements

 Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship for doctoral studies at IIT Guwahati. (2021)
 Summer Internship Programme in PRL, Ahmedabad. (SIP 2018)
 Qualified GATE (Geology and Geophysics). All India Rank: 276 (2020)
 Qualified GATE (Geology and Geophysics). All India Rank: 517 (2019)
 Qualified IIT-JAM. All India Rank: 55 (2017)
 Awarded as Meritorious Students by Odisha Free Laptop Distribution scheme, Govt. of Odisha. (2013)
 Dr. Priti Bajpai Memorial Scholarship, Police High Schools, Govt. of Odisha. (2011) 

Qualified GATE (Geology and Geophysics). All India Rank: 517 (2019)
Qualified GATE (Geology and Geophysics). All India Rank: 276 (2020)

Qualified IIT-JAM (Geology). All India Rank: 55 (2017)

Awarded Dr. Priti Bajpai Memorial Scholarship for scoring highest mark in the HSC examination amongst all girls in the Police High Schools, Odisha. (2011)
Chief Minister's Scheme for Personal Laptops for Meritorious Odisha Students has been chosen. (2013)
Selected for Summer Internship Programme (SIP 2018) in PRL, Ahmedabad.

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  • Training on Glacier studies and Remote sensing Attachment
  • Organised by DST-centre for excellence in climate change, Divecha Centre for Climate Change, and Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru (06-16, June 2023)
  • Teaching Assistant at Gauhati University (Under PMRF)
    Started from November 2021 - Present (One hour per week)
  • Teaching Assistant at IIT Guwahati
    Started from Monsoon Semester 2021 - Present (Three hour per week)
  • Junior Research Fellow (GATE), Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
    "Study of glacial dynamics and sustainable hydrological resources in Arunachal Himalaya" under Prof. Chandan Mahanta (October '20 - December '20) 
  • Professional Teaching Experiences
    Guest lecturer (Geology): Saraswati Degree Science College, Cuttack, Odisha (2019-20).
  • Summer Research Intern, Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad
    "Paleoenvironmental reconstruction using stable isotopes" Advisor: Prof. Sanjeev Kumar (May '18 - July '18)

Obligations are in place

Employment that is tied to academics or recreational activities in some way



SPE Student Chapter IIT Guwahati

Unit Coordinator

National Service Scheme, IIT Guwahati

DPPC Student representative

Department Postgraduate Programme Committee, Civil Engineering, IIT Guwahati
Volunteering in Research and Industrial Conclave 2022 (20-23 January)
Student Coordinator in North Eastern Research Conclave 2022 (20-22 May)

Student Coordinator

Ph.D. council, Student Academic Board, IIT Guwahati


Career Development Cell, IIT Bhubaneswar

Assistant Coordinator

Women Welfare Committee, IIT Bhubaneswar

Teaching Assistant at Gauhati University (Under PMRF)

Planetary Remote Sensing (M.Sc. Geology 3rd Semester) Certificate  
Syllabus covered:
• Planetary topography and surface study. Surface, atmospheric, mineral, and chemical composition study.
• Thermal remote sensing for planets.
• Gravity, Gamma, and X-ray spectroscopy.

Oceanography and Climatology Tutorial classes (M.Sc. Geology 4th Semester) Certificate 
Syllabus covered:
• Tutorial classes for CSIR NET examination.
• Different ocean mechanics and physical qualities of seawater.
• Many types of currents and ocean circulation.

Isotope Hydrology (M.Sc. Geology 2nd Semester) Certificate 
Syllabus Covered:
• Fractionation of stable isotopes of Oxygen and Carbon in the geological system: Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, and Lithosphere.
• Application of O and C isotopes in differentiating various geological reservoirs.
• Oxygen Isotope Thermometry.
• Application of O and C isotopes in hydrogeology (aquifer characteristics)
• O and C isotopic variation in the Phanerozoic: causes and details. 

Teaching Assistant at IIT Guwahati

Engineering Geology Lab (B.Tech CE208) (Monsoon Semester 2021 - 22)
Geohazard Science and Engineering (CE594) (Winter Semester 2022 - 23)

Mentor of B.Tech student's research project

Assessment of the GRACE-driven groundwater storage changes in Saudi Arabia by Mr. Sudarshan Birla (2022 - 23)
Groundwater level study for the United Arab Emirates with GRACE satellite data by Mr. Harshdeep Sahu (2022 - 23)

Research area of Interest

The academic and research environment at the Indian Institute of Technology encouraged me to be curious about new things and to appreciate nature's mysteries. During my second year of master's studies, I had the opportunity to meet with members of the national and worldwide research communities. This allowed me to concentrate on studying numerous earth processes and the utilization of different isotopes at a fundamental level. So far, I've had the pleasure of working at the reputable labs of Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), Ahmedabad, where I've gained enough operational skills in a variety of modern equipment and spectrometers. This project drew me in because of my research and exposure to related methodologies during my internship. I am eager to learn more about this dynamic technology of stable isotopes. The challenges of glacier melting and climate change have prompted me to consider quantifying glacial melt runoff contribution to the Brahmaputra river system. With the purpose of meaningfully using current technology such as GIS, remote sensing, and stable isotopes to help build a better world for us and future generations.

Current Topic of Research

"Quantification of Snow Melt Contribution in Surface Runoff and Subsurface Water using Stable Isotope Study for Brahmaputra River System"
PMRF Meet 2021

A quick summary of the report's contents.....

In terms of the area covered by glaciers, the Himalayan-Hindu Kush region is considered the third pole on Earth. In this third pole region, the eastern Himalayan region is thought to be more active. As shown by multiple experts, the Yarlung Tsangpo, from which the river Brahmaputra flows, is already demonstrating the consequences of climate change-related glacier melting. The majority of the Brahmaputra's tributaries are glacier-fed, and just a few of the hundreds of glaciers in the eastern Himalayas have been investigated, leaving little data on glacial retreat in this region. As long-term changes in glacier cover area, extent, and volume are regarded an effective indication of climate change, these glaciers also store vital information from the past, where study may delve into and aid to comprehend the historical scenario. For the dynamic Brahmaputra, which flows across the plains of Assam to Bangladesh, studies on the glacial melt component and its influence on the water balance model are still in their infancy. The Brahmaputra basin's whole surface and subsurface hydrology is affected by the complicated Eastern Himalayan topography and the influence of fluctuations in precipitation and meltwater component. Summer monsoon precipitation predominates the eastern Himalayan area, causing glaciers to disintegrate at a far faster rate than in the western and central Himalayan zones. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicted that glaciers will recede in the next years, producing landslides and floods, in its 2019 report. According to scientific explanations, the rapidly disappearing eastern Himalayan glacier near the Third Pole is very susceptible to climate change and poses a significant threat to the communities that rely on it, which includes primarily the Brahmaputra ecology and habitat. On the Himalayan glaciers, several research projects have been conducted from time to time using various sources. However, research on the current and future health of Himalayan glaciers, particularly in the Eastern Himalayas, aids in the development of a comprehensive picture of regional and global climate change implications.

Dr. Archana M Nair
Associate Professor

Dept. of Civil Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati - 781039, India
Phone: 91 361 258 3338,91 361 258 4227

Madhusmita Nanda
Research Scholar

Dept. of Civil Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati - 781039, India
Phone: 91 7008475410


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