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Full List of Publications  

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Publications During March 2020 to Till the Date


A Systematic Review of the Efficacy and Safety of Favipiravir (Avigan) for the Treatment of Novel COVID-19 Infections Bag*, Subhendu Sekhar; Sinha, Sayantan; and Saito, Isao  Medical Research Archives 2020, XX, XX (In Press).

Wastewater an Emerging Source of Spreading COVID-19 Infections in India: A Recent Perspective Bag*, Subhendu Sekhar; and Sinha, Sayantan● Current Science 2020, XX, XX (Under Review).

● Inhibiting the Pathogenicity of SARS-CoV-2 with a Designer Fluorescent Carbon Quantum Dot (FL-ASCQD): A Concept Bag*, Subhendu Sekhar and Sinha, Sayantan Medicinal Chemistry 2020, XX, XX (Under Review).

● SARS-CoV-2 from Host Cell Entry, Pathogenicity to Possible Remediation of the Infection Caused: An Overview Bag*, Subhendu Sekhar and Sinha, Sayantan  2020, XX, XX (Communicated).

● Stabilization of an Abasic Site Paired Against an Unnatural Triazolyl Nitrobenzene Nucleoside Bag*, Subhendu Sekhar; Sinha, Sayantan; Gogoi, Hiranya; Datta, Subhashis; Kundu, Rajen; Talukdar, Sangita Biophysical Chemistry 2020, XX, XX (In Press).

● Extended fluorescent uridine analogues: Synthesis, photo-physical properties and selective interaction with BSA protein Ardhapure, Ajaykumar V.; Gayakhe, Vijay; Bhilare, Shatrughn; Kapdi*; Anant R.;  Bag*, Subhendu Sekhar;  Sanghvi,Yogesh S.;  Gunturu, Krishna Chaitanya New Journal of Chemistry 2020, XX, XX (Under Revision).


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