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EE653 Syllabus (Jul-Nov 2022)

ଓମ୍ ଦୋଲଗୋବିନ୍ଦାୟ ନମଃ|

Dr. Somanath Majhi

Department of EEE
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Assam, India, Pin- 781039



B. Engg and M. Engg from SAMBALPUR University, Odisha, INDIA
D. Phil in Control Systems Engineering from University of SUSSEX, England, UK

Scholastic Achievements

Humbolt Research Fellowship May 2002 - August 2003
Commonwealth Scholarship October 1996 - September 1999
GATE Scholarship July 1988 - January 1990
National Scholarship July 1981 - May 1988
National Rural Talent Scholarship July 1977 - May 1981


Professor (HAG) - IIT Guwahati September 2013 - cont.
Professor - IIT Guwahati August 2007 - August 2013
Associate Professor - IIT Guwahati June 2004 - August 2007
Assistant Professor - IIT Guwahati November 1999 - June 2004
Sr. Lecturer/Lecturer - IGIT Sarang, Odisha March 1990 - November 1999

Research Interests

Control Structures
Automatic Tuning
Control Theory Applications

Teaching Experiences at IITG.

Electrical Sciences   B.Tech. (Core, 1st Sem)   Theory
Basic Electronics   B.Tech.(Core, 1st Sem)   Theory
Basic Electronics Lab.   B.Tech. (Core, 2nd Sem).   Laboratory
Control Systems   B.Tech.   Theory / Laboratory
Introduction to Electrical Engineering Lab.   B.Tech. (ECE/MECH)   Laboratory
Advanced Control Systems (Core)   B.Tech. (EEE)   Theory
Instrumentation and Control Lab.   B.Tech.   Laboratory
Advanced Control Systems (Elective)   B.Tech.(EEE/ECE)   Theory
Power Electronics   B.Tech.   Theory
Industrial Electronics   B.Tech.   Theory / Laboratory
Computer Control   B.Tech./M.Tech./Ph.D.   Theory / Laboratory
Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems   B.Tech./M.Tech./Ph.D.   Theory
Linear Systems Theory   M.Tech./Ph.D.   Theory
Applied Control Lab.   M.Tech./Ph.D.   Laboratory
Nonlinear Systems Analysis   M.Tech.   Theory
Optimal Control   M.Tech.   Theory

Books and Courses.


Advanced Control Theory - A Relay Feedback Approach - Cengage India/Cengage Asia Ltd., 2009

PID Control in the Third Millennium (Chapter titled Control Structures for Time Delay Systems) - Springer London, 2012.

Digital Control Systems ( CD Cell, QIP, IIT Guwahati, 2011)

Developed Courses

Video Course: Advanced Control Systems - NPTEL Phase II, MHRD, 2013 (S. Majhi) - Link

Web Course: Digital Control Systems - NPTEL Phase II, MHRD, 2013 (I. Kar and S. Majhi) - Link

Web Course: Introduction to Hybrid & Electric Vehicles - NPTEL Phase II, MHRD, 2013 (P. Kumar and S. Majhi) - Link

PhD Supervision.

PhD Theses guided independently:     (Theses titles and scholars)
1. Limit Cycle Approach for Identification and Control of Industrial Processes (Scholar: Dr. P.K. Padhy)
2. Controller Design Methods for Linear Systems with Emphasis on Integrating Processes (Scholar: Dr. A. Ali)
3. Relay Feedback Method for Process Modelling (Scholar: Dr. U.V. Mehta)
4. Improved Control Structures and Methodologies for Linear Processes with Delay (Scholar: Dr. D. Padhan)
5. State Space Based Load Frequency Control of Multi-Area Power Systems (Scholar: Dr. K.P. Singh Parmar)
6. Identification of Process Dynamics using Relay with Hysteresis (Scholar: Dr. Bajarangbali)
7. Identification Schemes for Modelling of Dead Time Processes-A Limit Cycle Approach (Scholar: Dr. S. Pandey)
8. Dead-time Dynamics Modelling and Identification of a Class of Processes-A Real-time Approach (Scholar: Dr. P. Ghorai)
9. Identification of Block Oriented Nonlinear Models using Relay (Scholar: Dr. T. Meher)
10. Generalized Predictive Control of DC-DC Buck Converter (Scholar: Dr. K. Manjari)

PhD Theses guided jointly:
1. (Dr. P Kumar, Dr. S Majhi) The Solar Assisted Smart Public Transportation System and its Coordination with the Grid (Scholar: Dr. M.B. Naik)
2. (Dr. I Kar, Dr. S Majhi) Design and Implementation of Consensus in Multi-agent Systems with Input and Communication Time-Delays (Scholar: Dr. Y.V. Karteek)
3. (Dr. S Majhi, Dr. A.K. Gogoi) Identification of Process Models using Relay Feedback Response (Scholar: Dr. V.R. Kasi)
4. (Dr. S Majhi, Dr. C Mahanta) Auto-tuning of Fractional Order PID Controllers for a Class of Processes with Time Delay (Scholar: Dr. G. Baruah)
5. (Dr. S Krishnaswamy, Dr. S Majhi) Control Over Erasure Communication Network (Scholar: Dr. A. Mazumdar)
6. (Dr. S Majhi, Dr. H Nemade) Design and Implementation of DC-DC Converters with Improved Step-up/down Conversion Ratio and Reduced Voltage Stress (Scholar: Dr. M. Biswas)
7. (Dr. S Majhi, Dr. S K Nayak) Development of Robust State of Charge Estimation Algorithms for Lithium-ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles (Scholar: Dr. G Sethia)


Scopus Database (As on April, 2022)
Documents: 137
Citations: 2264 (6 publications each having 100+ citations, 13 publications each having 50+ citations)
Co-authors: 46
h-index: 23 in Control Systems Engg

Scopus Link

> Pandey S. and Majhi S., Modeling of Integrating and Non-minimum Phase Dynamics using Limit Cycles, Accepted for presentation in the 61st IEEE Conf. on Decision and Control, Cancun, Mexico, Dec 6-9, 2022.

> Ghorai P., Majhi S., Pandey S. and Kasi V., Modelling and Estimation of Dynamics of Time Delayed Plants/Processes, Accepted in the International Journal of Dynamics and Control, 2022.

> Das K., Krishnaswamy S. and Majhi S., H2 Optimal Model Order Reduction over a Finite Time Interval, IEEE Control Systems Letters, Vol. 6, pp 2467-2472, 2022.

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> Mazumdar A., Krishnaswamy K.S. and Majhi S., H_∞ Control of Smooth Nonlinear Systems, IFAC PapersOnline, Vol. 55, Issue 1, pp. 70-75, 2022.

> Das K., Bhonje S., Krishnaswamy S. and Majhi S., An Empirical Method for Approximate H_2 Optimal Model Order Reduction, IFAC PapersOnline, Vol. 55, Issue 1, pp. 838-842, 2022.

> Das K., Krishnaswamy S. and Majhi S., Empirical Computation of Reachability Gramian for Linear-Time Varying Systems, IFAC-PapersOnLine, Vol. 54, Issue 9, pp. 119-124, 2021.

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> Mazumdar A., Krishnaswamy S. and Majhi S., H_Infinity Optimal Control Over Multiple Gilbert-Elliott type Communication Channels, IFAC Journal of Systems and Control, Vol. 16, June 2021.

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> Sethia G., Nayak SK. and Majhi S., An Approach to Estimate Lithium-ion Battery State of Charge Based on Adaptive Lyapunov Super Twisting Observer, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, Vol. 68, Issue 3, pp. 1319-1329, March 2021.

> Sethia G., Majhi S., Nayak SK. and Mitra S., Strict Lyapunov Super Twisting Observer Design for State of Charge Prediction of Lithium-ion Batteries, IET Renewable Power Generation, Vol. 15, Issue 2, pp. 424-435, February 2021.

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> Ghorai P., Majhi S., Kasi V. and Pandey S., Transfer Function Identification of a Liquid Flow-line Pressure Control System from Simple Relay Auto-tuning, Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control, Vol. 43, Issue 4, pp. 792-801, February 2021.

Contact Details.


Department of Electronics & Electrical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Guwahati, Assam, India, Pin- 781039




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