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                                                                                                                Ph.D. Students:



                       Mr. Nazir Ud Din Mir

         M.Sc. from Aligarh Muslim University




     Mr. Sk Sakir Hossain (since July 2022)

                    M.Sc. from IIT Patna





     Mr. Srijan Mukherjee (since July 2021)

                    M.Sc. from IIT Ropar





    Mr. Subhrajyoti Ghosh (since July 2019)

    M.Sc. from Ramakrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur




    Mr. Abhijeet Rana (since July 2020)

    M.Sc. from Banaras Hindu University




                                                                                      B.Tech., M. Sc. and Other Project Students:



           Ananya Hazra                                   Debjit Mal

           (January-May 2023)                  (January-May 2023)


                                                                                                                           Past Post-Doc Students


                           Dr. Kaustuv Banerjee

                (February 2017 - February 2019)        

                         PhD from IIT Kharagpur


                                                                                                        Past Ph. D. Students:



   Dr. Amlan Buragohain (July 2013 - August 2017)                        Dr. Rana Dalapati (July 2014 - May 2019)                      Dr. Mostakim SK (July 2014 - October 2019)

                   M.Sc. from Tezpur University                                          M.Sc. from IIT Guwahati                                                 M.Sc. from IIT Guwahati

                        Currently in Oil India Ltd.                                         Currently post-doc in University of Utah                                       Currently post-doc in IIT Bombay




         Dr. Aniruddha Das (July 2015 - August 2020)                    Dr. Soutick Nandi (January 2016 - November 2020)                  Mr. Masud Alam (July 2018 - February 2021)

                         M.Sc. from IIT Guwahati                                            M.Sc. from Banaras Hindu University                                 M.Sc. from Aligarh Muslim University

            Currently Post-doc in CSMCRI Bhavnagar                    Currently Assistant Professor in GKCIET, West Bengal



     Dr. Chiranjib Gogoi (July 2016 - September 2021)

                    M.Sc. from IIT Kharagpur

       Currently post-doc in University of Cape Town



                                                                                                                                       Past B. Tech. M. Sc. and Other Project Students:


    Mr. Sourik Das (January-May 2017)            Mr. Aswini Kumar (January-May 2019)               Ms. Ankita Mandal (January-May 2019)               Mr. Shubasis Roy (January-May 2020) 



     Mr. Soumya Bhowal (January-May 2015)       Mr. Mreedu Deka (January-June 2016)         Mr. Laxmikanta Khamari (January-May 2016)         Ms. Ena Sharma (January-May 2017)




      Ms. Kabita Sarkar (June-July 2022)        Mr. Pratip Bhattacharyya (June-July 2022)     Mr. Ravindra Meena (July-November 2021)      Mr. Dinesh Kumar (January-May 2022)




  Mr. Gyanesh Kr. Mishra (January-May 2022)    Mr. Pranam Chakraborty (Feb 2022 - Dec 2023)