Dr. Shyamanta M. Hazarika


I have been a member of the Qualitative Spatial Reasoning Group of the School of Computing, University of Leeds where I was working on spatio-temporal representation and reasoning under Prof. Anthony G Cohn. I still work in close coordination with the group.

I am interested in Cognitive Robotics and Knowledge Representation and Reasoning particularly Qualitative Spatial Reasoning. This translates into interest in Cognitive Vision and Rehabilitation Robotics. I am working towards a qualitative theory for construction of robust grasps and a spatio-temporal theory for qualitative motion. Here is a long-term vision statement. Interest in knowledge representation and reasoning has led to interest in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining as well as Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Networks.

My primary interest lies in Rehabilitation Robotics. Using a combination of innovative signal processing, advanced machine learning and intelligent controllers, I am working on bio-signals controlled prosthetic hand. The focus is on extreme upper limb prostheses for people with manipulative disorders.  I have received substantial funding from DIT, Govt. of India for Design and Development of a Cost-effective Bio-signals Controlled Prosthetic Hand.

I have been appointed to the IASTED Technical Committee on Robotics for the term 2007-2010.

I have been made a member of the European Science Foundation COST Action IC0903 MOVE: Knowledge Discovery from Moving Objects 2010-2012.

From August 2010 to May 2017 I was a Professor of Computer Science & Engineering at Tezpur University, wherein I had establieshed the Biomimetic and Cognitive Robotics Group.