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Semester: Odd (July, 2022 - November, 2022)


Course Information:

Course Name: Scientific Computing

Course No.: MA311M

Course Contents - Follow the link

Class Schedule:


Evaluation Plan:

Mid-Semester - 25 %

End - Semester - 40%

Quiz Test - 20%

Lab Exam - 15 %


Courses Taught at Postgraduate Level:


MA745: Theory of Distributions and Sobolev Spaces

MA751: Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems

MA771: Advanced Numerical Analysis

MA773: Finite Element Methods

MA662: Differential Equations

MA522: Linear Algebra

MA542: Differential Equations

MA543: Functional Analysis

MA571: Numerical Linear Algebra

MA572: Numerical Analysis

MA573: Numerics of PDEs  


Courses Taught at Undergraduate Level:


MA101: Mathematics I

MA102: Mathematics II

MA201: Mathematics III

MA322: Scientific Computing

MA562: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation

MA311M: Scientific Computing

MA563: Calculus of Variation and Optimal Control

MA671: Finite Element Methods for PDE