Audeamus !!

The world around us is full of wonders. With child like cuoriosity we ask What! is it that the nature has for us, and How! does it work the way it does. We learn from the giants who came before us, asked similar questions, and reached some answers. We try, in our humble way, to take this knowledge a little further. To comprehend nature is not easy. It it so huge!, so deep!, so far! and so wonderfully complicated! The scales are so vast. On the one hand we have the tiny electrons and protons making the atoms, on the other hand the observable universe spreads to about 46 billion light years. But we believe that, beneath these apparent complication, there are some simple principles guinding the dynamaics. So we divide the scale and focus on extremely tiny things, tiny things, very small things, small things, normal sized systems, large and huge systems separately. The dynamics at different length scales seem to be dictated by different rules of game. Our methodolgy to probe and understand them also differ accordingly. We probe, we experiment, we theorise, and make our simplistic models of these pieces of nature. Then try to put these together, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, trying to fathom the ways of nature.

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