The research activities of the Sleep and Cognition Laboratory around the study of cognitive processes (attention, memory, decision making, emotion and their regulation, spatial navigation) and how they are impacted by sleep. In addition the laboratory also specializes in studying sleep deprivation and their effects on cognitive ability decline. Beside this, research on the psychophysiological effects of stress on emotions, memory and decision making are being tested. Experiments conducted in the laboratory emphasize experimental methodology from the field of both the social and natural sciences and follow all ethical standards laid out for human volunteer testing (IHEC,IITG). The primary objectives of the laboratory is to provide excellent research facilities and training in cognition and cognate disciplines. We are interested in developing outstanding learning atmosphere where researchers could learn designing of experiments using appropriate softwares (E-prime, PsyScope, OpenSesame), handling of equipment (EEG, ERP & Source Localization, Polysomnography, Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS), actiwear analysis etc.) and carrying out statistical analysis using (IBM SPSS, R & Matlab) for carrying out their research efficiently.

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