Prospective Students

  • I am actively looking for bright and highly motivated Ph.D. students to join our research group to work in the broad areas of wireless communication systems, machine learning for communications, and the security and robustness of machine learning. If you are interested and if you have already applied (or planning to apply) for admission in the Department of EEE at IIT Guwahati, please send me an email ( with your CV and course-wise marks/grades sheet.

  • If you are an M.Tech. or a B.Tech student at IIT Guwahati and are interested in working with me in any of my research areas, please email me ( with your CV for further discussions.

  • Note for Ph.D./M.Tech. admissions: You need to go through the usual procedures of the institute. For more details on admission to postgraduate programmes at IIT Guwahati, please refer here.