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The Electronic Circuits Laboratory - I is accessible to undergraduate students of all the departments. The lab is well equipped with Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, function generators, digital multimeters, general purpose ICs, etc. used in design and implementation of basic electronic circuits.

Experiments performed in the lab range from hardware design and implementation of rectifiers, analysis of transistor characteristics, comparators, synchronous and asynchronous counters, latches, frequency-meter, opamp applications etc.

Lab Equipments:

30MHz Oscilloscopes
Function Generators
Digital Desktop Multimeters
Multi Output DC Power Supply

Lab Experiments:

EE102: Basic Electronics Lab:

01. Familiarization with the laboratory equipment and basic components
02. Verification of superposition theorem, Thevenin’s theorem and maximum power transfer theorem
03. To find the step response of RC and RL circuits and RLC series circuit resonance
04. Design and analysis of half wave rectifier and clipping circuits
05. Design and analysis of full-wave rectifier and Zener regulator
06. Realization of amplifier circuits with Op-Amp (Operational Amplifier)
To determine the voltage gain, the “maximum undistorted peak-to-peak output voltage swing” (MUOVS) and the maximum input voltage for undistorted output for common-emitter amplifier and study the effect of emitter bypass capacitor on voltage gain.
08. Designing a voltage to frequency converter



Ramesh Kumar Sonkar

Faculty, Lab In-charge

Mahima Arrawatia

Faculty, Associate Lab In-charge

Pranab Jyoti Goswami

Staff, Lab In-Charge

Chayanika Borah Majumdar

Staff, Associated with Lab

Khurshida Yasmin

Staff, Associated with Lab

Contact Address

Electronics Circuit Lab 1, Department of EEE, Old Academic Building Ground floor, Core 2, G Block.

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