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Welcome to Sikdar Nanophotonics and Metamaterial Research Group (SNMG)





(17 Jun, 2022: Dr. Ashish Kumar Chowdhary is the first PhD student graduated from the SNMG group with best thesis award)




Our research group led by Dr. Debabrata Sikdar is dedicated to exploring and designing novel artificial material composites or metamaterials and metadevices that exhibit extraordinary ability to manipulate light or electromagnetic waves in general at the nanoscale. We are designing many novel techniques in theory, modeling and simulation of light interaction with guided and scattering media, and new tuneable metadevices.



PhD Opportunities


We are currently looking for motivated and curious minds to join our laboratory as PhD Students for exploring emerging areas of Integrated Nanophotonics, Plasmonics, and Metamaterials based Devices.


If you are interested, please apply for the relevant Ph.D. position through the IITG Website.

For any queries, you can drop an email to deb[dot]sikdar[at]iitg[dot]ac[dot]in








Recent Selected Publications



A. K. Chowdhary, T. Bhowmik, and D. Sikdar, Infrared-blocking Plasmonic Meta-glasses for Energy-saving Passive Windows, Optics Letters, 47, 2242-2245, 2022. [Online]


T. Bhowmik, A. K. Chowdhary and D. Sikdar, Grating-assisted Polarization-insensitive Dual-Mode Spatial Light Modulator Design using Epsilon-Near-Zero Material, IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, Apr. 2022 [Accepted, in press]. [Online]


A. K. Chowdhary, V. A. Reddy and D. Sikdar, Nanophotonics-Enabled High-Efficiency Selective Solar Absorbers for Waste Heat ManagementIEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, vol. 21, pp. 131-136, 2022. [Online]


T. Bhowmik, and D. Sikdar, Parallel Directional Coupler based Dual-Polarization Electro-Absorption Modulator using Epsilon Near-Zero Material, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, vol. 55, no. 13, p. 135107, Mar. 2022. [Online]


Q. Shi, Z. Yong, Md H. Uddin, R. Fu, D. Sikdar, L. Wei Yap, B. Fan, Y. Liu, D. Dong, W. Cheng, Cell Sheet-like Soft Nanoreactor Arrays, Advanced Materials, 34, 2105630, 2022. [Online]





Dr. Ashish Kumar Chowdhary has been awarded with best thesis award in the 24th convocation on 17th Jun 2022.


The research article published in Optics Letters from our group entitled Infrared-blocking Plasmonic Meta-glasses for Energy-saving Passive Windows, has been chosen for inclusion in Spotlight on Optics (May 2022) by Optica Publishing Group. [Link]


Dr. Ashish Kumar Chowdhary has successfully defended his PhD dissertation on 1st May 2022.


Our recent research work on broadband perfect metamaterial absorber is featured in the top-downloaded articles on metamaterials among the journals of Optica Publishing Group (formerly OSA). [Link]


Ashish K. Chowdhary have been selected for AWSAR Award 2021, DST, Govt. of India.


Two contributed papers from our group have been presented in 15th International Congress on Artificial Materials for Novel Wave Phenomena - IEEE Metamaterials-2021 on 22nd September 2021. [Link]


Our recent research work on 'Smart Windows for Automatic Climate Control in Buildings' was recognized by 160+ international and national news media (May 2021). [Link]


Mr. Tanmay Bhowmik was awarded with the ONR and NSF Student Grant for attending IEEE-Metamaterials-2021 Conference (Sept. 2021).


Mr. Ashish Kumar Chowdhary was awarded the prestigious Incubic Milton Chang Travel Grant CLEO 2021 (April 2021).


Mr. Jegyasu was awarded Prime Minister Research Fellowship (PMRF) in September 2020.




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Currently working on


Emerging areas of Photonics, Plasmonics, and Metamaterials


Primary focus on (but not limited to):


- Smart tunable optical devices of plasmonic metals and semiconductors


- High speed electro-optic modulators, filters, switches, on-chip optical interconnects


- Plasmon-assisted optical switching, broadband absorption, ultrasensitive detection, tunable optical/photonic devices etc.


- Dynamic tuning in plasmonic/ nanophotonic meta-systems and devices


- RF metamaterials for MRI applications


- Graphene-assisted tunable broadband metamaterial devices


- Directional scattering by dielectric nanoantennas, alternative plasmonic materials