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Dr. Debapratim Das
Department of Chemistry
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
North Guwahati, Assam, India 781039
Ph: +91 361 258 3301
Fax: +91 361 258 2349
Welcome to Supramolecular Chemistry Lab

Right thing at the right place, that is how nature works. As a chemistry research group, our main goal is to learn from nature and mimic it for the development of new materials and tools. As astarting point, we are trying to mimic the natural polymeric materials using small synthetic peptides with the help of a supramolecular host, Cucurbituril. In this process, we aim to understand the guest binding mechanism of these unique host molecules. An interesting feature of this group of hosts is the ability to accommodate and bind two guests simultaneously and thereby allowing non-covalent type of conjugation for important molecules. It is our primary aim to exploit this unique binding property to conjugate small peptidic fragments to generate otherwise synthetically extremely challenging peptidic networks. This in turn will pave the way to generate newer, efficient, and non cytotoxic soft materials for controlled release of drugs which is the demand of the time.
As a continuation of ths process, we want to understand the mechanism of the binding of these supramolecular hosts with natural molecules like phospholipids, lipids, proteins to name a few. This in turn will lead to the formation of novel self-assemblies to be utilized for diversified applications including drug delivery, self-sorting materials, smart self-healing materials as well as some novel bio-sensors.
January 2024: Congratulations to Ritvika for her ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces Paper.

November 2023:
Congratulations to Tanushree and Saurav for their Chem. Eng. J. paper.

August 2023:
Congratulations to Priyam for the book chapter on Peptide Amphiphile Nanomaterials.

August 2023:
Congratulations to Saurav and others for the Advanced Optical Materials paper.

July 2023:
Sampurna Joined the group. Saurav rejoined the group as a Postdoc.

February 2023:
Congratulations to Sumit and others for the latest Chemistry A European Journal paper.

January 2023:
Rakesh Joined the group.

December 2022:
Congratulations to Saurav For successfully defending his thesis.

October 2022:
Congratulations to Ritvika and Malay for their PMRF.

October 2022:
Dr. Rumana Parveen joined the group as SERB TARE fellow.

September 2022:
Dr. Tamanna Mallick joined the group as RA.

Aug 2022:
Congratulations to Sumit for getting offers from two different companies.

Aug 2022:
Congratulations to Nilotpal for joining Allahabad University as an Assistant Professor.

July 2022:
Congratulations to Payel and others for the latest Chem. Asian. J.

May 2022:
Congratulations to Payel for successfully defending her thesis.

March 2022:
Congratulations to Payel and others for the J. Colloid Interface Sci (IF 8.12) paper.

February 2022:
Congratulations to Saurav Das, Tanushree Das, Priyam Das and Debapratim Das  our Chemical Science (IF 9.8) paper.

January 2022: Congratulations to Basab for successfully defending his thesis and receiving his doctoral degree.

January 2022:
Congratulations to Saurav and others for our first J. Colloid Interface Sci (IF 8.12) paper.

January 2022:
Congratulations to Saurav for getting Best Poster Award TSRP 2022, BARC.

December 2021:
Congratulations to Saurav for getting Best Poster Award in NATCOSEB XX

December 2021:
Congratulations to Debapratim for the Syamasri Gupta Memorial Award.