Speech Facilities

CSL Workstation for Speech

The Computerized Speech Lab (CSL) is a speech and signal processing computer workstation (software and hardware) used for research and clinical speech therapy.

CSL was developed by STR and Kay Elemetrics Corporation. Their promotional literature claims that “CSL has achieved world-wide recognition for its flexibility, real-time analysis capabilities, ease of use, personalized user support and its broad range of analysis tools”.

The individual speaks into a microphone, and the output is shown in a graphic formation on the electronic screen. This can help with correcting speech impediments, learning where and how to vocalize certain sounds, and which frequencies in certain sounds are beyond the normal range.

Basic Recording Facilities

The Lab has basic recording facilities that are used to record speech sample from different speakers, in various tones, accents, intonations. This has various uses. like it can be used to develop record and  generate a code book. Also it can be used to generate a large test data set.

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