What can I do if I have not received an expected email?

If you are expecting an email from someone and you still did not receive that email, then firstly check that email in your INBOX or other folders (if you have set some filtering rules).Then check in your "Junk Email" folder. IF you still do not find it, then please send an email to "mailadmin@iitg.ac.in" with the sender's email address or domain and expected email delivery date and time. This will help the email administrator to find the reason for not getting the email delivered to your INBOX. 

Just because a message ends up in my Junk Email folder, does that always mean it is unsafe?

No, it is not always true, and thier can be many instances of False Positive.Items like newsletters or magazines that you have subscribed to are more likely to land up in your junk folder. If you are certain that a message in the Junk Email folder is something that you really do want, you can move it back to your Inbox by right clicking on the email and selecting mark as not junk.

Some of the most common reasons for an email to be marked SPAM are:

I am not able to login to my IITG email with repeated error message "Something Went Wrong".

Follow these steps and you're done:

  1. Clear your web browser's cache, cookies, history and then close browser. Open it newly. (This is just to ensure that all your log-in attempts are logged out completely)
  2. Go to outlook.com and try to login again.

1. You can use the below link in Google Chrome to land directly in the settings 
2. Click CLEAR DATA.
3. Exit/quit all browser windows and re-open the browser.

How do I add a forwarding to my email account?

Click on Settings in the top right corner and choose Mail from Your Outlook Settings.Now choose Forwarding in the Mail Section. Then click on Start/Enable Forwarding and provide the email address to which mail are to be forwarded. You can also choose to keep a copy of the forwarded message by clicking on that option and the save the settings. You can click on the below link to directly go to the settings if you are logged in to your email.