IITG is now a part of Eduroam, a global WiFi roaming programme across academic campuses, through ERNET, India. eduroam allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions by simply using their mobile device.

Any faculty, staff or student of IITG, visiting an academic instituion which is a member of the Eduroam programme anywhere in the world may have unlimited internet access by connecting their laptop or mobile devices through the WiFi SSID called “eduroam”. All members from IITG can connect to the eduroam by selecting the "eduroam" SSID and follow the below mentioned steps:

To connect eduroam in any eduroam-enabled institute outside IITG, please follow the below mentioned simple steps:

1. Enable  WiFi in your respective device, select WiFi network name  eduroam.
2. Put your IITG credentials(username and password) alongwith domain trailing the username (@iitg.ac.in),then Connect.
3.If any certificate is prompted, then accept the certificate. Some devices may require to select "Do not validate" or "No CA certificate is required" in their respective CA certificate option.
Once connected, your device is ready to access Internet.
Note:- If your device is not connecting to eduroam using default settings, then please confirm the following:

Security type / Authentication /EAP method : PEAP
Anonymous identity : empty/blank
Inner / Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPv2
CA certificate: Do not validate / No CA certificate is required

In a reciprocal arrangement, any academic visitor to IITG from a eduroam partner academic institution will be able to connect to our campus-wide WiFi using the EDUROAM SSID and will have unrestricted internet access. They will be authenticated by their home institutions. If you are a visitor from another institution, you should follow your institution's instructions to set up your laptop for Eduroam before arriving at IITG.