The IITG Newsgroup service has been replaced with the Office 365 groups, and we have created all the newsgroups currently available in IITG Newsgroups in Office 365 groups. We have created the new office 365 groups as public groups where users will be able to join and leave the group as they wish. Now, users will be able to send messages on these groups with access to their email service unlike IITG newgroups, where users are required a separate login to post messages. Users need to check the groups in the groups section for any message posted in the group. By default, users will not receive any mail in their INBOX, if you follow the group, then a mail will be sent to your inbox for any message posted in that group. 

To join the groups, please right click on Groups (found on the left pane) and select "Discover", then search the group that you want to join. After that, select the group and then click on join. After you have joined the group, it will appear on the groups section of your subscribed groups.


Group Name Group ID Description
IITG Hostels All issues related to IITG hostels
IITG Notices All IITG Notice
IITG Lost and Found IITG lost and found reporting
IITG Miscellaneous IITG Miscellaneous postings
IITG Placements IITG Placements related postings
IITG Seminars All discussions and announcements on Seminars at IITG
IITG Sports Discussions and announcement of sporting events at IITG
IITG Academic All discussions and announcements related to Academics at IITG
IITG Buy-and-Sell Buy and Sell within IITG campus
IITG Campus All discussions related to IITG Campus
IITG Cultural Cultural discussions and events at IITG
IITG External Postings All kinds of external events and discussions at IITG

The IITG Newsgroups was active for viewing till 31st May, 2019.