Welcome to the Translational Crop Research Laboratory at Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. Pathogens, insects and abiotic stresses cause major losses in yield and quality of crops. The discoveries in basic plant research play a vital role in meeting these challenges by developing technologies to improve agriculture by introducing important traits to crop of interest. Our lab employs integrated approaches to identify genes with significant agronomic impact in both model (Arabidopsis) and crops (grain legumes and oil seeds), understand the mechanism by which they function and using this knowledge, develop designer crops for diverse plant abiotic (drought, salinity and nutrient deficiency or toxicity) and biotic (viral and insect) stress conditions, useful for growers, industry and consumers. Besides, our lab is working on biofortification in Asiatic grain legumes for healthcare applications and manipulation of key oil biosynthesis genes yield in Jatropha, a tropical perennial biofuel crop to improve oil quality and oil.