Sponsored Research Project:

"Analysis of flow transitions, thermo-physical properties, materials testing and heat transfer coefficient in Supercritical Steam based open loop", Sponsored by DST under Clean Energy Research Initiatives to IISc Bangalore titled "National Centre for Clean Coal Research and Development", September 2018 - September 2023. (PI with 2 CIs; Status: Ongoing)

"Development of Microbial Fuel Cells and theoretical modeling on the multiple effect of flow-materials in waste water bio-energy reactor" under India - Taiwan Programme of Cooperation in Science & Technology CFP 2016, Sponsored by Department of Science & Technology (DST) through GITA, Government of India, March 2018 - March 2021. (PI with 3 CIs; Status: Ongoing)

"Development of a General Purpose CFD Solver over a Hybrid Unstructured Grid", Sponsored by Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS), Department of Atomic Energy, August 2013 - August 2018. (PI with 2 CIs; Status: Completed)

"Numerical Modeling of All-Vanadium Redox Flow Battery", Sponsored by DST Fast Track Scheme for Young Scientists, Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC), Department of Science and Technology, January 2013 - January 2016. (Status: Completed)

"Lattice Boltzmann Modeling of Immiscible Droplet in Micro-channels", Sponsored by IIT Guwahati, Start-up Research Grant, May 2010 - Aug 2012. (Status: Completed)