CL-402:Chemical Process Technology

Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Guwahati, Guwahati, India.


Getting Started With Aspen Plus

Tutorials[Venue: Computer Center, Chemical Engg. Deptt.]

  1. Tutorial-1 [Problem Statement] [Solution] [23.08.2017]
  2. Tutorial-2 [Reactor Models in Aspen Plus V8.8] [Problem Statement] [Solution]
  3. Tutorial-3 [Problem Statement] [Solution]
  4. Tutorial-4 [Problem Statement] [Solution] [TAC Calculation Sheet]
  5. Tutorial-5 [Problem Statement] [Solution]


  1. Assignment-1 [Problem Statement] Guidelines for submission of Assignment-1 Last Date:29.08.2017
  2. Assignment-2 [Problem Statement]Last Date:05.09.2017
  3. Assignment-3 [Problem Statement]Last Date:12.09.2017
  4. Assignment-4 [Problem Statement]
  5. Assignment-5 [Problem Statement]