Ph.D. Students

Sl. No Name of the Student Thesis Area/Title From To Co-Supervisor
1. Shilpa Budhkar Minimizing Delay in Hybrid Peer-to-peer live streaming systems 2010 Till date --
2. Awnish Kumar Network Traffic Analysis using Correspondence Analysis 2012 Till date Prof V. Vijaya Saradhi
3. Hema Kumar Yarnagula Quality of Experience for Mobile Video Streaming 2014 Till date -
4. A.V.A Bharat Kumar Intelligent Transportation Systems
2016 Till date Prof C. Mallikarjuna (CE)
Arunangshu Pal
Intelligent Transportation Systems 2016
Till date -
Moustafa Najm
Federated Cloud Data Centers
Till date -
Sl. No Name of the Student Thesis Title From To Current Position
1. Hari Prabhat Gupta
Coverage and Connectivity in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks 2010 2014 Asst. Prof. at IIT BHU
Rakesh Tripathi Towards Cost-aware Capacity Provisioning in Fault-tolerant
Geo-distributed Data Centers
Asst. Prof. at NIT Raipur

M.Tech Students

Sl. No Name of the Student Thesis Title From To
Sl. No Name of the Student Thesis Title From To
1. Ravi Kumar Internet Traffic Analysis using Network Interaction Graphs 2010 2011
2. Rahul Agrawal Study of Link-level flow characteristics for different data center architectures 2010 2011
3. Girish Chandra Padhi Popularity based caching strategy for IPTV on-demand services 2010 2011
4. Swapnil M Potey Flow classification based on label propagation 2011 2012
5. Navneet Singh Gaur Elastic bandwidth allocation and routing in flexible OFDM-based optical networks 2011 2012
6. Abhijit Mondal RTT-based TCP congestion control for small-buffer network 2011 2012
7. Mohak Naik Study of packet pacing schemes in small buffer networks 2011 2012
8. Krishna Mohan Agrawal Popularity-based caching scheme for IPTV networks 2012 2013
9. Srinivas Surishetty Study of packet-pacing and AQM schemes for small buffer networks 2013 2014
10. Kotrike Venkatesh Evaluation of impact of AQM strategies on application performance 2013 2014
11. Jithin George Cooperative caching of VoD and UGC in hybrid CDN-ISP- P2P architectures 2013 2014
12. Abdul Sikandar Real-time audio streaming in large classroom on IEEE 802.11n wireless LAN 2014 2015
13. Rupesh Koshariya Quality of experience measurement for YouTube video streaming 2014 2015
14. S. Vignesh Reliable design of cloud data centers 2015 2016
15. Ramkumar Vooda Study of energy efficiency and quality of experience tradeoffs in mobile video streaming 2015 2016
16. Lt. Col. Jitender Pal Singh Adaptive streaming of UAV feed 2015 2016
Niraj Nagle Real-time transportation mode detection using smartphone sensors' data