Ph.D. Students


  1. A. R. Ashok Kumar, “4-4,1-4:A Novel Archtecture for Data Center Networks and its Performance Studies”, 2016 [Thesis].

  2. Hari Prabhat Gupta, “Coverage and Connectivity in Three Dimensional Wireless Sensor Networks”, 2014 [Thesis].

  3. D. Satyanarayana, “Delaunay Triangulation based Spanners for MANETs”, 2012 [Thesis].

On going

  1. Debanjan Sadhukhan, “Stochastic approach to QoS in Data gathering for Wireless Sensor Networks” [Synopsis ].

  2. Kushboo Rani, “Wireless Sensor Networks”

  3. Bala Prakasa Rao Killi, “Software Defined Networks”