PhD Students

1. Mr. Rameswara Srinivas Gorthi
Joint Supervisor: Prof. Gautam Biswas
Area of research: Magnetohydrodynamic Multiphase Transport in Microfluidic Channel
Duration: December 2014 - continuing

2. Mr. Abhijit Gogoi
Joint Supervisor: Dr. Anki Reddy, Chemical Engineering Department, IIT Guwahati
Area of research: MD Simulations
Duration: July 2015 - continuing

3. Mr. Rajkumar Sarma
Area of research: Stability Analysis
Duration: July 2015 - continuing

4. Mr. HS Gaikwad
Duration: July 2016 - continuing
Area of research: Electrokinetics
M. Tech Students

1. Mr. Anurag Mishra
Session: July 2015 - continuing
MTP Topic: Heat Transfer

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