Dr. Sunil Khijwania
Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Guwahati - 781 039
Research Lab
Fiber Optics Lab
Department of Physics, IIT Guwahati

A state-of-the-art fiber-optics-laboratory is single handedly established by Dr Sunil Khijwania at Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India. Equipped with many sophisticated instruments, this lab has the capability that spans advanced characterization of Optical Fiber & Based Devices to the higher research level experiments. Presently, research in this laboratory is predominantly focused on the design and development of Optical Fiber Sensors employing Fiber Bragg Gratings, Photonic Crystal Fiber, Nano-Wire and Localized Surface-Plasmon Resonance apart from the conventional fiber optics techniques aiming applications that span from structural health monitoring, environmental engineering to biomedical science with a capability of simultaneously monitoring multiple parameters of interest without any cross-talk.

Major Research Achievements at Fiber Optics Laboratory, Dept of Physics, IIT Guwahati :
1. Widest dynamic range, with a throughout linear response and many order of magnitude higher sensitivity for the
  developed optical fiber humidity sensor employing nanotechnology and simplest fiber geometry (straight & uniform optical fiber).
2. Specific geometrical configuration of optical fiber sensor employing fiber Bragg grating for simultaneously sensing
  multi-parameters that includes strain, temperature and relative humidity with an extremely high (more than 10 times) strain sensitivity as compared to the best sensitivity reported in the literature till date.
3. Optical fiber Bragg grating based sensor to measure tilt angle and its direction from horizontal for a given
  structure (bridges, under water canal, sky-rising buildings etc.) in structural health monitoring with linear dynamic range and manifold nonlinearly enhanced sensitivity.
4. Surface Plasmon resonance/Localized Surface Plasmon resonance based optical fiber sensor for environmental
  applications such as to monitor relative humidity with a widest dynamic range, a throughout linear response and a higher sensitivity.
5. Nanoparticle doped in-house developed optical fiber for relative humidity sensing applications with a manifold
  sensitivity enhancement over a very wide linear dynamic range.
6. Optical fiber nanowire sensor exploiting localized surface plasmon resonance to measure relative humidity
  covering widest possible dynamic range with linear response and a manifold higher sensitivity.
7. First torsion sensor employing photonic crystal fiber.
8. First tilt sensor employing Fiber Laser.
Research Group
  Current Members :
  Dr Sunil Khijwania  
  Mr Krishna Mohan Dwivedy (Research Student, EEE)
  Mr Niewkor Warbah (Research Student, PHY)
  Mr Sunil Mohan (Research Student, PHY)
  Mr Ashish Jain (M Sc Student)
  Ms S. Mounica (B Tech Student)
  Mr T. Harish (B Tech Student)
  Past Members :
  Mr P munendhar (PhD Completed in 2015)  
  Mr Aneesh R (PhD Completed in 2012)
  Ms Veena M Nair (Terminated from PhD in 2010)
  Mr Banibrat Chakraborty (M Sc Student)
  Mr Uttam Nandi (B Tech Student)
  Mr B. Devi Prasad (B Tech Student)
  Mr Heman Choudhary (B Tech Student)
  Mr D Aniket Anant (B Tech Student)
  Mr Jatin Ahuja (B Tech Student)
  Mr Nitesh Dhamsana (B Tech Student)
  Mr B S Shival (B Tech Student)
  Mr A K Jayakrishnan (B Tech Student)
  Mr Abhinav Rastogi (B Tech Student)
  Mr Manoj Mridha (B Tech Student)
  Mr Utsav Dave (B Tech Student)
  Mr Meeth Maharana (B Tech Student)
  Mr Debopam Ghosh (M Sc Student)
  Mr Sougata Mallick (M Sc Student)
  Mr Anshul Valecha (M Sc Student)
  Mr Sanjeev Lala (M Sc Student)
  Mr P C Lalngilnei (M Sc Student)
  Mr Prithviraj Pal Chaudhury (M Sc Student)
  Ms Kavita Devi (M Sc Student)
Major Research Facilities
  FBG Interrogation System (Micron Optics)  
  Optical Spectrum Analyzer (Agilent)
  Fiber Fusion Splicer (Fujikura)
  Prism Coupler (Metricon)
  Optical Circulator
  Laser Diode (375 nm)
  He Ne Laser (35 mW)
  980 nm Pumped Laser Diode (JDSU)
  Pulsed microchip Laser (1535 nm)
  Broad Band Source
  Optical Multimeter
  High Resolution Spectrometer (Ocean Optics)
  Vibration Isolation Optical Table (Newport)
  High Precission Fiber Optic Stage (Newport)
  Fiber Polishing Unit
  Abbe Refractometer
  e-mail : skhijwania@iitg.ernet.in  
Phone : +91 (361) 258-2716 (Off.)
  +91 (361) 258-2739 (Lab.)
  +91 (361) 258-4716 (Res.)
Fax : +91 (361) 258-2749
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