Technical board

This board is responsible for the design, creation and maintenance of the website for the Research Scholar Forum (RSF). This board is also respoonsible for addressing technical issues like cluster management, fulfilment of the need of more machinery, software, etc. The secretary of this board is responsible to maintain a cordial relation with the technical officers of the department and be the voice of the research scholars in terms of technical issues.

Event management board

This board is responsible for smoothly carrying out all the events conducted by the department. Examples of such events can be Department day, RSF meeting, HoD meeting, etc. This board will ensure proper contribution from the department to the institute level activities like Research Conclave, Intra IIT workshops, etc. The secretaries of this board are also expected to aid in the organization of the talks by the invited speakers.

Decorum maintenance board

This board is aimed to ensure an appealing look to the department which in turn will result in a pleasing working environment among the research scholars. The decorum maintenance team will monitor the working of the cleaners and keep proper records. The team is also expected to carry our intermittent plantation drives, etc to uplift the gardens in the department. The team should encourage the scholars to come up with more creative ideas and execute the same with the proper support from the higher authorities.

Recreational Activities Board

This board ensure a stress free working environment by coming up with recreational activites. This team will be responsible for the movie screenings alternate weekends to refresh the research scholars after their week's hard work. The board is also responsible to monitor the students who seem to be undergoing some hard stages and arrange sessions with the institute counsellors. This team is encouraged to come up with creative ideas of entertainment like fun sessions, etc.

Alumni Interaction Board

Our alumnis have already walked the path of life which we are presently walking and thus their advice to us is priceless. Thus this board is responsible for tracking the alumni of this department and maintaining contact with them. The team will request some specific alumnus to write about their experiences, contacts and suggestions and publish them in this website in the form of blogs.

Academic Excellence Board

The primary motive of the board is to keep track of the overall academic progress of the research scholars and come up with support wherever and whenever there are grievances. The team of this board is free to come up with new ideas that will enhance the academic progress of the research scholars. This board is also responsible for publishing a monthly e-magazine at the departmental level where the research scholars get a chance to write their recent findings, share their reviews on hot topics besides other interesting things.